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In This Month’s Issue:

  • Tristan Koepfli His artwork can turn up almost anywhere. He’s a talented cartoonist, a helmet painter, has done complicated graphics designs on countless show vehicles, and painted big rigs. When he isn’t twisting a pinstripe brush, he’s on a singletrack twisting a throttle.
  • Max Grundy – An internationally acclaimed artist who dabbles in many different mediums. He has always had an interest in automobiles, and has done work for several entities in the automotive realm like Gumout, XS Power Batteries, and Hot Wheels. He also builds incredible trucks and automobiles that require redesigns of the factory sheet metal. His builds are most definitely custom.
  • Industrial Designs – Tubeworks fabricates useful art. Tubeworks builds some incredibly beautiful driveline components, and assemblies that are as durable as they are nice to look at.
  • Unite LED light bar from Vision-X – The Unite LED light bar from Vision-X is the bar for those who like to be in control. Not only will it provide exceptional lighting performance, but it can be configured any way you like using combinations of spot, flood, and amber pods.

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