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PCI Race Radios Shop Tour

If you have been a part of off-road racing in the past few decades, you surely have heard of The Weatherman and PCI Race Radios. Electronic two way communication is a big part of off-road racing, and PCI is one of the top two-way radio companies in the industry, founded by the late Bob Steinberger (aka. The Weatherman). Bob started Phone Consultant International (P.C.I.) in the 1970s which has since shifted focus into Race Radio Communication.

We recently visited the office of PCI and home of the Weatherman.  PCI was originally based in Signal Hill however they are at a new location since the summer of 2018. The office, showroom, warehouse and tech center is now located at 6185 Phyllis Drive, Cypress, CA.


Ashley Perrine greets PCI’s visitors

After you enter the main entrance you will be greeted in the lobby by Ashley. The showroom is primarily stacked with goodies such as helmets, safety equipment, two-way radios and accessories. PCI specializes in safety and communications in the racing industry.


What makes PCI stand out from its competitors is its expertise in off-road racing. Although you could order most of the products that PCI is selling from Amazon, what you get here is attention to detail. Radios and Intercoms from PCI are off-road racing prepared. From experience they know what works and what doesn’t, and products you buy at PCI are often custom tailored for racing.

Helmets get pre-wired with intercoms to customer specs. Helmets get retrofitted with neck restraint attachments. Intercoms get vibration proofed and tested.

Service and repair happens in its own department headed by senior lead tech Mark Lowman. Here PCI has high grade tools and knowledge to troubleshoot any electronic mishap.

PCI also helps fine-tune or troubleshoot any radio/intercom already installed in your race-car. Simply make an appointment ahead of time and bring your project to PCI for service. While we toured PCI a customer had his UTV communication checked.

Most notable a difference from the old location in Signal Hill is the massive warehouse. PCI ships daily to customers all over the world.

The long hallways are lined with racing history as you find conference, lunch, and exercise rooms.

The friendly staff of Accounting, Sales and operations department have their own offices.

Scott Steinberger is the proud owner of PCI and you find him behind his desk when he himself and his sons are not racing.

PCI is a great stop to get your racing communications and navigation needs met. The staff are either race fans or actually race themselves and therefor have a very good understanding of what works and what doesn’t. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. We at RDC have been using PCI for our radio needs for the last 20 years and recommend you to give them a try when its time to get serious about racing and communications.


PCI is located at: 6185 Phyllis Drive, Cypress, CA 90630  –  1.800.869.5636  –