Plaster City is what it is or what we make it?? –

Plaster City is what it is or what we make it??

For Immediate Release


Contact: Doug Wasser, 760-791-7663,

Plaster City Racing Summit

6:00 PM, August 10th

at Competitive Metals

135 Cypress Lane

El Cajon, CA 92020

We will be holding a meeting on August 10, 2010 in an effort to improve racing in Plaster City and we want your input. This meeting is open to anyone that wants to be a part of growing racing in our local desert. Racers, team members, volunteers, businesses, media, chamber of commerce, and promoters are all invited.

Just because DRIVE is organizing the meeting does not mean that it will be all about DRIVE. The goal is to get together as a community of off roaders and put together a plan to improve racing in PC. If we can come together as a group and discuss what the pros and cons are with racing in Plaster City we will, as a group, be able start taking the steps necessary to grow the area into the world class racing that it should be. I am leaving my ego at home for this one. It’s not about me or DRIVE. The promoter sets the stage. The real people that make a race happen are the teams, volunteers, spectators, sponsors, and media. That’s why we are asking you all to get involved and be a part of this. We want to hear your constructive comments and ideas. Once we put a plan together we are going to asking all of you to get involved to help us make it happen.

In order to get the most out of this meeting it needs to run in an orderly and productive fashion. If you want to speak you will need to sign up at the beginning of the meeting and we will call on each person to present their ideas and concerns.

Agenda / Schedule:

6:00 PM – Sign ups to speak to the group

6:15 PM – Opening statements to review the goal and agenda

6:20 PM – 7:20 PM – Time allowed for people that signed up to speak to the group and present their ideas.

7:20 PM – 7:30 PM – Reading of mailed in comments.

7:30 PM – 7:45 PM – Mingle

8:00 PM – Doors close

Please take a few hours out of your day to come and be a part of this process. We will appreciate it greatly. Bring your ideas and a camping chair to sit on. If you absolutely cannot make the meeting you can send a written comment to and we will share it with the group at the meeting.


Doug Wasser