Plaster City ORW Grand Prix – Jesse Ashcraft Overall

Jesse Ashcraft (78) overalled the Drive Racing ORW Grand Prix race held September 19th. This race also debuted Heidi Steele’s  first time in a Trophy Truck (14).

The race was divided into 2 Heats with 3 Groups each for a total of six races. The two heats results got added up at the end of the day for a single total result. All classes had to run 4 laps per heat (8 total) of 13.5 miles length.

The break between heats allowed the drivers a quick rest and gave room for repairs while the racing action never never stopped and made for some good spectating. Plaster City after all is one of the few places where a race involves spectators off-roading as the entire Off-Road park is open to the public all year around.

On a RDC personal note our staff photographer Art managed some driving duty in the 979 car proofing that we follow what we preach. Awesome!

Want to learn more about the DRIVE series go to their website: LINK