Pomona Off Road Expo 2015


The Pomona Off Road Expo is the show to attend every year and 2015 did not disappoint. This show brings out all the big manufacturers to display their goods. There is something for everyone: Trophy Trucks, rally cars, Pro 2 and Pro 4 trucks, Trophy Karts, rock crawlers, daily drivers, UTVs, and even half built projects. The half built projects are sometimes some of the most photographed and admired. This may be because of the fact that everything is exposed and you can see under the panels and body parts or maybe it allows you to believe that you too could have a similar project. Regardless of what it is, the fans flock to the fairgrounds every year to check it out. It’s funny that the reaction we get at the booth from most people is “same stuff as last year” but yet we all come back year after year to check it out, see friends that we only see in the desert, and also take the opportunity to bench race of course, not that we need a reason for that.


We had posted some pictures throughout the weekend in the forum but we will include all of the pictures here for those of you that could not make it to the show.


We would like to thank everyone that came by the RDC booth this year to say hi, grab stickers, or buy some shirts. It’s always great being able to catch up with fellow friends/racers/readers when everyone is not rushed having to be at pit meetings or getting a vehicle ready to race the next day.