Powder Puff Race Report

Barstow, California. October 9, 2010: 5 years ago, The M.O.R.E desert racing series put on the first Powder Puff race with a majority of the proceeds going to the Cedars-Sinai’ Ladies Breast Cancer Research Institute in Los Angeles, Ca.  In 5 short years, this has been the event for all women in the off road industry.  Over 200 vehicles were entered in the “All Girls” race, with corporate sponsors showing their support by donating BIG money for the cause.  Royal Purple alone donated $50,000!

At the start of the race, Tracy was really taking it easy, trying to get use to the car and how it reacted to the course.  While the guys waited patiently in the pits, a voice came over the radio, “we’re coming in to the pits!”  Bewildered, the crew asked “what’s wrong?”  Turns out 30 miles is about all that their bladders could handle and they came in for a true “Pit Stop”!Tracy and Lindsey Ward were set to tackle the rough and tumble Barstow desert in their FIRST race as drivers.  Tracy would take the first 2 laps while daughter Lindsey would finish it up.  Nerves would set in quickly once the two girls were strapped into the race car.  Tracy was extremely nervous for two reasons:  The first being she had never raced before and two, she didn’t want to hurt her husband’s BRAND NEW race car which HE had not even raced yet.

Tracy’s second lap would be about 6 minutes faster than her first as she was getting more comfortable in the car and doing a lot more dicing with other racers.  As she came in for their “scheduled” pit stop, the girl’s switched seats and Lindsey would now take the wheel.

Tracy (left) and Lindsey before the race.

Lindsey caught on quickly as she was able to do 2 full prerun laps with her mom.  Turns out the only thing that might have worked better for these two would be to turn off the intercom between them!  Seems they were bickering like a couple old ladies the entire time, quality mother/daughter time.  Lindsey would finish the day with a 52 minute lap time and a 12th place finish!  Not bad for a couple girls who only had about 15 minutes of seat time in the race car.

Chuck, Matt, Larry, Sean, Tom and Daniel, Thank you for all your help.  As for our sponsors, IRONCLAD set up the girls (and the crew) with some pink gloves, Got Sand? Stickered up the car and Chad Fryman @ Nteense Tee’s donated the custom “Save the Boobies” t-shirts.   The Checkers pit club also showed support by pitting for ANYONE who ran a “Checkers” sticker on their race car with a $100 donation to the cause.  Last but not least, Tri State CareFlight really stepped to the plate.  Not only did they sponsor our race car, they liked the idea of the event so much they donated $1000 to Cedars-Sinai’ the day before the race