Preston Campbell Battles Dusty Conditions for a Hard-Earned 5th at Murphy, ID NHHA!

Preston Campbell Battles Dusty Conditions for a Hard Earned 5th at Murphy, ID NHHA

Round 3 of the AMA NHHA championship took place this past weekend in Murphy, Idaho.

Dirt Inc. MC put on a challenging, 3 loop,
(35,35,25) 95-mile racecourse.
Despite the snowfall and weather the week prior, the wind and warm temps made for dry dusty conditions.

Preston Campbell had a great jump off the line leading to a close call toward the end of the bomb that forced Preston to let off and settle for 4th as they entered the Trailhead. The dust was blinding and made passing challenging. Preston stayed consistent throughout the entire race and finished in a hard-earned fifth-place position for the 3rd time in as many races.

Next up for JCR/Honda
NGPC 29 Palms CA, April 10-11