Primm 300: Blind flight through the desert

Dear Friends, Partners and Sponsors,

After our great double podium result at the Baja 500 – Martin and I were second, Armin Kremer and Andy Aigner third – things continued at racing speed with our Buggys being prepared for the Baja 300 Powerdays Germany. Martin and the boys from AGM actually managed the feat of overhauling our two race vehicles within one week.At the team base of All German Motorsports at Escondido everybody is eagerly expecting the return of our Buggys from their trip to Europe. The time our team has left to prepare the race cars for the upcoming Terrible’s Primm 300 on 12 September is seriously short. There’s a very good chance for a bunch of night shifts for our technicians. And I want to say right now: Thanks a lot guys, I’ll do my very best to repay this great effort.

ceShortly before the start: preparations through the night

Everything is different at this year’s Primm 300. The only thing that seems unchanged is the fascinating gamblers’ paradise Las Vegas. Not far from this miracle in the midst of the desert, our adventure begins. First: For reasons of nature protection there will be no pre-run this year. That means we’ll have to do without pace notes. Second: We’ll tackle the roughly 300 race miles in the opposite direction from last year. So simply forget about all your experience, guys! And third: There are no chase cars allowed this year. If you run into a problem, and you don’t make it to one of the three designated pit areas you’re out. That’s unusual for a SCORE Offroad event. But all this makes the Primm 300 a great adventure: we’ll do a blind flight through the desert! It’s a fantastic feeling that reminds me a lot of the long gone days when I did my first World Championship round in England: Pre-running was prohibited, and the navigator tried to bring us over the distance at a hellish speed just with a map on his lap. Oh boy!

“Buffalo Bill” stands for offroad racing in Nevada

The Primm 300 is good for us. Last year we finished third. 2009 we are the eighth Buggy on the track. Let’s see, how it goes!

Full bore through the desert, this year without pace notes for a change

Armin Kremer can’t come and be with us this year at the Primm because a lot of business keeps him in Germany. That’s a real shame for Armin and Andreas Aigner. I’m sure they would have liked this adventure. Especially because they were really lucky at the draw of the starting positions. They would have been the third Buggy on the track. Not bad for an attack on the win. Well, they concentrate on the Baja 1000 now, the most important SCORE race of the year.

We’ll be all together at the Baja 1000: Armin Kremer, Andreas Aigner, Martin Christensen, Armin Schwarz (l-r)

I am truly delighted that Ingo Bender of Stammcut, one of our sponsor partners, comes to Las Vegas and the Primm with more than 20 guests. Ingo is a keen motorsport fan who loves to jump into the driver seat on every occasion he can grab. Besides Ingo is the vice president of the Automobilclub von Deutschland juniors’ department, and we share a few ideas on this topic: Something must be done for the new hot-shoes – they are the future of our sport.

We at AGM promise: We’ll put in an extra effort in order to shine in front of our guests from good old Europe!

Everything about the Primm 300 here in 14 days.

Until then
Best regards,
Armin Schwarz

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