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Product Review – AGM Uni-Ball Tool

When you hear the name “All German Motorsports” the first thing that probably comes to mind is their bright yellow and green BMW X6 Trophy Truck.  In addition to being Trophy Truck and formerly class 1 racers, AGM also produces many products for the desert racing industry.  Such as their custom jacking system, suspension sliders (reviewed here), CV Savers (reviewed here), tools and more.

Thanks to AGM’s co-driver Bryan Lyttle, we recently got our hands on their latest product, the Uni-Ball installation and removal tool.


Since I didn’t need to replace any of the 1″ Uni-Balls in my prerunner I picked up their 1.5” tool and took a drive down to Mark Newhan’s shop to try it out on a new upright he just finished.


As you can see in the photos it is a simple tool with only four parts, the nut, all-thread and two cups machined from high strength steel which will allow you to install and remove uni-balls over and over for many years.

I remember the days of trying to beat in a uni-ball with a socket and hammer in my old race truck.  Having a tool like this would have saved so much time and hassle.  I really wish they made this back when I was racing…


You can use a press to install and remove uni-balls fairly easy, but with the AGM tool you can do it with the suspension components on the vehicle and more importantly it can be used in the field for an easy repair.

Installing the 1.5” uni-ball in the upright was very quick and easy.  I used a standard wrench and ratchet but you could use an impact gun to make it even quicker.


Simply rearrange the tool and it will remove the uni-ball just as easy as it was installed.


AGM makes the tool for 1” and 1.5” size uni-balls.  The 1” sells for $149.50 and the 1.5” is $209.50.  The kit with the case, snap ring pliers, emery cloth and pick adds  $75 to the price of each size tool.

Overall this is a simple, well made high quality tool and should be in every shop and chase truck.  I can’t really think of any cons for this tool, it’s simple and does it’s job perfectly.

Visit the All German Motorsports web site to purchase the tool here.

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Video of AGM’s Bryan Lyttle using the tool: