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California City, CA – April 8, 2016 – Indeed, the third round of the PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES is going to be fierce enough and extremely competitive, as FIERCE OFF-ROAD stepped up and has posted “special awards” for the fastest lap, second fastest lap and for the Overall winner in each of the remaining races in the series, including the April 23 PURE “150”-mile jaunt in Cal-City.

FIERCE OFF-ROAD, is a Glendale, CA-based aftermarket off-road product company that is heavily invested in the high-performance market, with an overabundance of race-tested products, especially in SXS/UTV Parts. They feature race-proven products for Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Polaris, and Yamaha, plus universal fit-all products to make that UTV work at the 110% level.
FIERCE OFF-ROAD attended the last PURE event in March and got jazzed up enough to not only return with a competitive team to race but to also step up and provide great prizes for the racers as a Series Sponsor.
Speaking with race promoter, Lou Peralta, he indicated that, “It’s just wonderful to see these companies come to race with us and see how their product is performing in the heat of battle. This is where your product is either good, extremely good or it needs a bit of more work. FIERCE OFF-ROAD is a solid company that not only offers winning products but they are also racing it to show that they work. Moreover, we are delighted to have them as sponsors and thrilled that they have posted a generous “Contingency” program for the racers.

In other words, you have to have two (2) FIERCE OFF-ROAD decals, one on each side of the car to qualify for the prizes. If you click off their product name on the Contingency sheet, you qualify to earn the following:
Overall winner in each race = $300.00 gift certificate redeemable at

Fastest Lap = $200.00 gift certificate redeemable at
Second fastest lap = $100.00 gift certificate redeemable at

Peralta anticipates the same enthusiasm by FIERCE OFF-ROAD of becoming one of the major sponsors of the series will be felt by racers who will love the incentives they have provided. Peralta added, “I can see where one team could walk away with $600.00 just from FIERCE if they can post the fastest two laps and win the Overal. In fact, one of the teams that recently won could have walked away with that amount of money easy enough.
Race Director, Alan Bell, also added. “There’s nothing better than to have a carrot just in front of you urging for you to go a bit faster. We like the idea also that, as it often happens, the leading car doesn’t always finish first. This could be some consolation for someone who was running hot but could not finish. We like it!”
FIERCE OFF-ROAD can be contacted at their toll-free number; 877.762.7600 or through their website: – They feature products from Fox Racing Shox, Phenix Industries, Pro Armor, PRP, Rod End Supply, Ruffstuff Specialties and Baja Designs among others.

The April race will feature three (3) 50+-miles laps to be an official finisher. When the first finisher crosses the finish line all vehicles thereafter also finish. It’s run GP style. Also, the starting order is determined twenty minutes before the start of the race and it’s up to the organizer to send you through the scoring chute. So you have to be ready on a first-come-first-serve basis and ready to start every thirty seconds.
Because of the openness of the terrain, AVE/ BP allows “Drone” filming during the race. You just need to clear it with race officials and obtain a wristband and sign releases to do so.

The APRIL 23, 2016 event is the Third (3) event of the six-event PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES event, and as such it will pay points for all participants, including co-drivers and Navigators.

The next race after the April 23rd event is in Mexico. More specifically, Punta Banda, Ensenada, Baja California. That’s on May 28th at Ejido Coronel Esteban Cantu, where an incredible course has been laid out and will be raced for the first time. You can’t miss the first of the two ENSENADA CUP SERIES events. The course is unbelievable and the panoramas of racing in such a pristine terrain are breathtaking. May 28th and Oct 12th are the two Ensenada Cup races, presented by AVE/Baja Promotions.
The PURE UTV Series returns to California City for their “night race” on July 16 for the PURE “125”.
Racing is their passion why don’t you make it yours!
Remember all AVE/Baja Promotions races in 2016 are what they call “GPS-Based.” Meaning that you must have an excellent Navigator to make sure you stay on the proper course. There are limited course markings on the course.
For more details, contact AVE/Baja Promotions Racing at P.O. Box 2141, California City, CA 93504 or visit their website:


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