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Qualifying for 2014 Griffin King of The Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire


The finishers in the 2013 Griffin King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire have already solidified their position in next year’s big show.

Qualifiers for the 2014 KOH event will work as follows for 2013:

The top ten drivers from each Regional Ultra4 race in 2013 will find themselves qualified for the 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire.


Should all top 10 drivers already be qualified, Hammerking guarantees that at least 3 drivers from each regional Ultra4 event will qualify in 2013. It is highly likely by the end of the season to see drivers qualifying outside of the top 10.


Please Note: 2013 Ultra4 Bucket list races, The NORRA Mexican 1000 and Crandon are not considered regional races.

NEW!  MetalCloak Nor Cal Stampede Registratration Now Available 

April 5th – 7th

We will only be taking 60 Ultra4 cars and 15 each of

4500s, 4600s, and UTVs at the Metalcloak Nor Cal Stampede



 2 mile lap that includes high speed straights, teeth-chattering whoops and challenging rock sections.

Camping info: 

 Camping is dry camping, restaurants, grocery stores, etc are all within 10 minutes of the park. Cost for camping: TBD.


Spectators: This is a very spectator friendly event. Costs for camping and spectating will be announced shortly!

Video Highlights of KOH Week

Randy Slawson Wins the Toughest King of The Hammers in History


Despite chilly temperatures and high winds, over 30,000 people poured into Johnson Valley OHV area last Friday to witness Randy Slawson and his co-driver and brother Mike make history at the Griffin King of the Hammers presented by Nitto Tire.  Slawson is no stranger to King of the Hammers, but 2013 marked the first time the talented driver and fabricator has held the coveted scepter in his own hands.   The Grand Terrace, California resident has been part of KOH since the beginning, navigating Jeff Reynolds to victory at the inaugural race in 2007.  Since that time Slawson has been diligently working towards his own victory behind the wheel of the Bomber Fabrication car he built with his own hands.   

Click here to read the full story.

Click here for a full list of finishers. 

NEW!  WIDIA Rausch Creek Qualifier Registration Now Open 

April 12th-14th

The Rausch Creek race pits drivers against the coal dust of the Alleghenies mountains in terrain that can range from dusty to muddy. This will be the 5th year for this event making it the 2nd oldest Ultra4 Race. 2012 King Erik Miller first got his start on this East Coast Course. Famous for its BBQ dinner and good hospitality the race course winds through a dense forest of trees that challenges many west coast drivers unfamiliar with this terrain. Spectators and racers are encouraged to join us for one of the most grueling and fun races of the season!

John Currie Wins Smittybilt Every Man Challenge for 2nd Year in a Row!
Last year’s Stock Class winner John Currie of Currie Enterprises fame moved up to the Stock Modified Class for 2013, allowing him to legally swap a V8 engine into his Jeep Wrangler and move up to 37-inch tall DOT-approved rubber.  Currie proved that his dominating performance last year was no fluke, putting a huge gap on the rest of the field after a bottleneck through a canyon at Race Mile 47 trapped many of the competitors.  His victory was far from easy though, and Currie nearly saw the win slip through his fingers after getting stuck in the sand within sight of the checkered flag.  Britain’s Jim Marsden was actually the first physical finisher, but Marsden’s time was invalid due to competition compound tires and a steering system that did not comply with the class rules.  Only five of the 33 car field in the Stock Modified class finished, with Currie and Marsden followed by Brandon Heyes, Mike Johnson, and Jesse Haines.
Matthew Peterson was the only stock vehicle to finish the race, though Richard Gauthier was not far from a finish when time expired.

Mitch Guthrie 4th Time Winner of the HCR KOH UTV Race!
 For the first time, the HCR UTV King of the Hammers was held on the same course at the same time as the Every Man Challenge.  The full size vehicles got a one-hour head start on the UTVs, but it was not long before the leaders were reeling in the Jeeps in their potent side-by-sides.  Branden Sims jumped out to an early lead, but when the eight hour time limit expired, Sims was nowhere to be found.  Instead, Mitch Guthrie picked up his fourth King of the Hammers UTV victory in the event’s five year history.  Jon Crowley of UTV Guide and Matt Enochs were the only two other competitors in the 35 UTV field to reach the finish line.

NEW! Complete list
of KOH HCR UTV Results & Payouts
The HCR KOH UTV Race paid out to the top 3 for each class. It was determined in the driver’s meeting that if 3 from each class did not finish, payouts would be to given to those that made it the furthest. Payouts are as follows:
1st overall Mitch Guthrie  Unlimited       Payout $3,000
2nd overall John Crowley Unlimited       Payout $1,500
3rd overall Matt Enochs     Unlimited      Payout $750
4th overall Ken Hower
5th overall Damon Cardone
6th Overall Todd Stephenson
7th Overall Dave Eulberg
1st  Production 1000

Ken Hower
Payout $1,000
2nd Production 1000 Todd Stephenson    Payout  $500
3rd  Production 1000  Dave Eulberg        Payout $250


1st  Production 850  Damon Cardone       Payout $1,000
2nd Production 850 Angie Sripoona         Payout $500
3rd Production 850 no finisher donate fund’s to save the Hammers                                             Payout $250


Cody Webb Crowned 2013 King of The Motos
60 riders took the start at this year’s King of The Motos. Throughout most of the grueling course, Cody Webb and last year’s King, Graham Jarvis battled it out for first place. Less than 13 seconds separated the two after their first lap. Ultimately, Cody Webb would be crowned this year’s 2013 King of The Motos winning by more than 25 minutes over Graham Jarvis who suffered a flat miles from the finish.

NEW! Official KOH Apparel Available This Weekend at Off Road Swap Meet

 Sunday February 24th from 6AM-2PM.
May also be selling Saturday afternoon
Join us at Morongo Casino for the 14th annual Off Road Swap meet.

New! King Shocks’ Drivers Conquer 2013 KOH
  King shocks
After a relatively short life span of existence, the annual King of the Hammers (KOH) Ultra4 Race has quickly garnered international recognition with the likes of Baja 1000 and Dakar as being the toughest off road race in the world. A contributing factor in enduring these extremely grueling events is proven off road shock technology. The 2013 KOH race course featured 184 miles of harsh desert terrain and near impassable obstacles however King Shocks’ drivers Randy Slawson and John Currie conquered all on the way to victory.

NEW! Ultra4  

Race Teams Join Forces for Land Use Fundraiser

 The iconic King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, CA took on new meaning and added opportunity for education and fundraising this year as racers work to keep the area open to public recreation.  The Marine Corps has been trying to annex the land for their use since 2007 under the auspice of training space and increased national security.  Off-roaders including the race teams involved in King of the Hammers are fighting this move and working tirelessly to keep the 146,000 acres there open to public use.  On February 5th DSquared Racing 4441, Big Ugly Racing 4435 and Race Prep Racing 4474 banded together during this year’s race week with a unique and fun idea – let’s sell cups and throw a party and give the money to the cause.  Daren Henke of DSquared Racing said, “An event mid week when we are all working so hard to be ready to race just seemed perfect.”

Click here to read the whole story.

NEW! Scherer Man Powers Every Rock Obstacle at KOH Twice
DANVILLE, CA   FEBRUARY 15, 2013   Jason Scherer started on the pole position at the 2013 Griffin King of the Hammers presented by Nitto Tires, proceeded directly to Back Door where he one-shotted the obstacle perfectly and after regaining positions was 4th through the RM38 remote pit. From there it was a battle of man over machine.  “It was absolutely without a doubt the hardest thing I have every done to drive every rock trail twice without power steering,” said the 2009 King Jason Scherer who has finished in the top 20 for 4 consecutive years.  “I finished 21st with 25 minutes to go, my arms and shoulders brutally beaten and cold as hell, but I didn’t give up.”

NEW! Colville – PAC Racing Reviews KOH

The PAC Racing Springs Ultra4 Team had an excellent week of racing at this year’s King of the Hammers.  The team was as ready for battle as ever.  This year’s event would be split up into a qualifying round spread over 2 days and the main race.


Qualifying was over a short 4 mile course including off camber turns, some rock strewn trails, and some fast sections.  Start order was a random draw for qualifying rounds, except for the last hour of racers each day – they were handpicked by the promoter to bring the fans an action-packed ‘Power Hour’.  We were selected for the Power Hour – providing some excellent coverage for our partners.   When all was done, we qualified 38th in a field of 170.


Thank you all for making this year’s Griffin King of The Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire the best event we’ve had to date. By all accounts the week was a huge success. Please be sure to check out ouryoutube page for highlight videos and our ustream page for recorded live coverage.
This year’s series kicks off on the west coat with Metalcloak’s Nor Cal Stampede. This will be the first time Ultra4s have visited this course, and by all accounts it should be an exciting new event in our series. We will then be on the east coast in Pennsylvania the following week for the Widia Rausch Creek Qualifier which is our oldest qualifying race to date. We look forward to fans of King of The Hammers coming out to support our racers as they take on the series and earn qualifying spots into the 2014 Griffin King of The Hammers presented by Nitto Tire.


Dave Cole

Chris Bolger

Shannon Welch


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