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Race-Dezert.Com Announces RDCCC

We set out to change the way our audience uses credit cards forever.


Introducing RDCCC, a revolutionary way to make payments anywhere credit cards are accepted.

The new RDCCC is constructed of ultra light and durable 6-4 Titanium and features a bottle opener to easily open your favorite beverage.

Unlike ordinary credit cards the RDCCC repays you the user as we simply pass the merchant fees directly back to you instantly as you make purchases. Essentially you will experience life at a discounted rate of 3-25% depending on the merchants you use it with.

In the RDC online merchandise store we now can repay you for 25% of your purchases. The reward balance will be instantly credited towards your earnings fund available through the RDCCC.

Revolutionizing the desert racing industry

We are proud to announce our first major agreement with SCORE International which will discount any purchases with the RDCCC at a 12% rate. Your race entries will instantly pay you back so it makes it easier for you to race. Not only that, but by using the RDCCC you already win the moment you register your entry with SCORE.

Other race promoters are in negotiations to be part of the RDCCC reward initiative (rates will vary per sanctioning body). Soon racing will never look the same again.

The RDCCC can be used with any ordinary merchant that accepts VISA and you will make money while spending it. A minimum of a 3% reward will be paid out anywhere VISA is accepted.

We anticipate the entire desert racing industry will partner with RDC to eventually deeply discount racing beyond the 3% mark.

RDC will pay for your racing once you use the RDCCC.



April Fools!

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