Racing in the Rain, MORE Freedom 250 –

Racing in the Rain, MORE Freedom 250

Barstow, California, used by most teams to test because of its rough terrain, was the setting of the MORE Transaxle Engineering Freedom 250. With a start time of 4pm, it is the first of back to back night races and the fourth race of the 2015 Mojave Off Road Enthusiasts (MORE) season. This race featured a couple of things not found at all desert races. First, the course had more than 15 miles of brand new race course, something the drivers always welcome. Second, the rain. Minutes after the race started, the rain began to fall and didn’t stop during the whole race. This is not something we usually expect in Barstow, especially in July. The rain is always welcomed in the desert as it keeps the dust down for the racers but it’s not fun to take that muddy vehicle home and have to prep it. Because of the drought California is experiencing, water was not going to absorb into the ground and that means big mud holes and flash flooding. Fortunately, there were no reports of anyone encountering anything too dangerous this go round.

Some bigger named drivers like Cameron and Heidi Steele showed up to test their freshly rebuilt Trophy Trucks.  Justin Davis and Cam Theriot showed up to race in Class 10. The overall winner was John Bartol in his unlimited buggy with a time of 5:10:20 only 2 seconds ahead of the second place finisher Eric Hardin. In Class 10, the 1st place went to Andy Marsoun, stopping the clock at 5:30:00 followed by Justin Davis and Alan Lindsay. Up next, the MORE officials are getting ready for the KC HiLites Midnight Special on September 12, 2015.


Winners, the complete timing list at THIS link:

Class 1
#150 John Bartol

Class 10
#1036 Andy Marsoul

Class 12
#1217 Ralph Potts

Class 5
#547 Adam Spitz

Class 16
#1634 Curt Geer

Class 1400
#1444 Jerry Larimore

Class 3000
#3222 Mikes Jams

Class 2000
#2077 Justin Anderson

Class 1350
#1545 John Morgan

Class 19
#1946 Christina Perkins

Class 9
#911 Brandon Heald

Class 1300
#1325 Christy Sizelove


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