RALLY NAVIGATOR- Make your Own Rally Roadbooks

Rally Enthusiasts, Riders and Drivers: If you love the adventure of roadbook navigation, this is THE place to create and share awesome Rally Routes easier than ever before.  Starting from scratch or by importing a GPX file of an existing route.  Follow our clear instructions and you will have a unique Roadbook to share with your friends.  Search our Public library of routes and download your Roadbook.


Reno, Nevada – Rally Navigator is a new, simple way for motorcycle riders create, print and share Rally Navigation Roadbooks used in Cross Country Rally Navigation events such as the Dakar Rally.  Now anyone can have fun with roadbooks, not just the Pro’s.

Based on Google Earth, Rally Navigator uses intuitive design to quickly create Roadbooks by either importing GPS tracks from an actual ride or virtually creating a route by tracing detailed satellite images of roads and dirt tracks. Wherever the rider needs turn instructions, a waypoint is created with a single click.  Rally Navigator automatically captures segment distance, CAP heading, GPS location and draws a basic image of the intersection, called a “Tulip Drawing” Simple drag and drop Icon placement and drawing tools finish out the details for each Waypoint.


Developer Mike Shirley says: “I saw great interest in Cross Country Rally events like the Dakar, but creating Roadbooks was incredibly tedious using current tools and methods. The adventure of Roadbook Navigation was only accessible to the Pros. Rally Navigator makes the process quicker, more accurate and also allows sharing of routes.  Our goal is to build a community of off-road motorcycle enthusiasts working to create a worldwide library of interesting roadbook routes, growing the sport of cross country rally and dual sport riding.”




Rally Navigator is a web based software that works on any modern computer.  Users log into their secure account and can create and store routes in a personal library.  Users can also share routes via email, Facebook or post them to a public library for all riders to enjoy.  All interaction is immediate and in real time thanks to the power of HTML5 canvas.

Rally Navigator is offered in 3 versions

Basic Free Version – Standard Features on All Versions

  • Drag and Drop Rally Navigation Icons
  • Custom Tulip Drawing Tools
  • Drag and Drop 5 Basic Waypoint Text Descriptions
  • Supports Kilometers or Miles
  • Facebook Integration for Sharing
  • Sharing Preferences: Keep Route Private – Share with Select Friends – Share in Public library
  • Select Road Type for Tulip Drawing
  • Automatically Calculate and Print Fuel Range in Header

Premium Version – Additional Features – $49 per year – Not for Commercial Use

  • Print Roadbooks with Complete Tulips and Navigation Icons
  • Show and Hide CAP Headings and GPS Coordinates for each Waypoint
  • Create Rally Route From Imported GPX tracks
  • Utilization of Google Earth Roads & Routing Function – Snap Track to Road
  • Support for Continuous Roll Print Output
  • Import Captured GPX Tracks Over Existing Routes to Correct Route After Pre-run
  • Export GPX Tracks of Routes to GPS Units for Pre-Running

Pro Version – Licensed for Commercial use by event and race organizers

GE Snap

Thanks to Race-Dezert for sharing Rally Navigator with your many fans. You can try Rally Navigator FREE at www.rallynavigator.com

We appreciate the support

Mike Shirley