Rally School For UTV’s and Motos

Learn. Train. Prepare. 
3-Day Rally Raid Training Course
No Instruments needed for UTV’s 
2020 Scholarship Program
Only 3 Sessions Available
March 5 – 7
April 9 – 11
June 12-14

The rally bug is spreading across North America, especially among UTV pilots, after Casey Currie (UTV) and Ricky Brabec (Moto) won the first American victories in the legendary Dakar Rally earlier this month in Saudi Arabia. Finally, after 4 decades, American torchbearers Currie and Brabec have sparked a fire back home with their historic victories in.

Right now its time for off road racers and new rally hopefuls to learn, train and prepare for rally-raid & navigation racing. BAJA RALLY SCHOOL is helping out with lower cost tuitions and full scholarships for each of the Spring 2020 courses.

3-Day Rally-Raid Training Course
UTV’s $1,300 (includes co-driver)
Moto’s $1,100 

No Instruments Needed for UTV’s to Enroll
With support from Rally Comp, UTV drivers can enroll and complete the 3-day rally training course WITHOUT having to install any navigation instruments, road book reader or other modifications. Road book maps are provided in “page format” and use of the Rally Comp device (odometer, compass heading) with tracking is provided with tuition.

Scholarship Program
In keeping with the mission to help the growth of rally sports in North America, Baja Rally School has created a needs-based scholarship program that awards 1 paid tuition for each of the 3 remaining rally training sessions of Spring 2020. it is designed to help drivers and riders who might not otherwise afford and deserve the best options for professional training.

To apply, qualified candidates can simply submit a letter (.pdf or word) to:
[email protected] explaining:

Why they want to complete rally training
Why they would be a good guest and ambassador for Baja Rally

Baja Rally School staff will select one candidate for a paid tuition into each of the next 3 training sessions.

*3 days and 2 nights of rally training instruction & coaching
*Use of RALLY COMP unit and connector cables.
*Links to preparatory required reading assignment.
*1 night shared hotel room in Ensenada
(the night prior to classroom session)
*2 nights outdoor camping at the training centers.
*6 meals at the training centers. (Friday Dinner to Sunday Lunch)
*5 stages Road books.
*Personalized, private counseling with instructors

Motorcycle & Navigation Equipment
Camping gear
Riding Gear
Transportation to the training centers
Mid-training gasoline