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Raptors Unite in Blackwell, TX for the 3rd Annual Texas Raptor Run

It’s not racing but it was most definitely off-road.

Over 150 Ford Raptors made the trek to Blackwell Texas to the Texana Ranch for the 3rd annual Texas Raptor Run. And these weren’t your average enthusiast, some came as far as Washington and upper New York State to participate in what can only be described as the #1 event if you just so happen to own a Raptor.

The 3-day round up, run by Trey Palreiro and his wife Lora, is situated on the 5,000 acre Texana Ranch that is home to hundreds of exotic game from buffalo to white tail deer, long horn cattle and even a few camels but what is has in spades is endless miles of off road trails that have the look and feel of southern Baja.

“This all started a few years back when there was an interest on the Ford Raptor forum to meet up out here in Texas” Said Trey Palreiro, head of the Texas Raptor Run. “I just happen to race with the Beals own this place and they were kind enough to lend their little piece of paradise. The interest was so great that we did it again last year and it doubled in size and now this year we added even more trucks plus all the vendors being here. We’re just growing and growing with it. The demand for a place to off-road Raptors is huge, I think Raptors are the new ‘Jeep’ so its exciting to be a part of it. This year we raised $10k for the Fisher House and $13K for the Texas Tech Pediatric Trauma Center and that’s the best part of it all. There are so many that have helped make this event happen these last few years and I need to thank them all, but most importantly I need to thank my wife Lora for being behind me 100% on this, I couldn’t do it without her and I really can’t thank her enough.”

“This is whole deal is a blast” Said Greg Foutz. “These Raptors have evolved into this amazing kind of group or an extended family with the people and the atmosphere. You know these Raptors were bred out of racing and Ford used to send engineers to the races with us to gather all the info needed to build these trucks. I was lucky enough to be a part of that back in 2008 when we built the first race Raptor and raced it in the Baja 1000 as kind of a proving ground and show how badass these trucks were going to be. Now fast forward to this with over 150 trucks out here having a great time over the weekend, really enjoying what these trucks were built for and at an event like at a place like this is just awesome.”

You know Trey put on an awesome event.” Said Robby Woods of Rogue Racing. “It such an awesome opportunity to get out here and be a part of this. Its a culture we’re just excited to me integrated into. The Texans and the Southern hospitality is just amazing. It reminds me of how it is in Crandon but out in the hill of Texas on thousand of acres of private land. There’s sand, silt, clay, mud, dirt, rocks, it’s like a little cut of Baja. Totally free range, no BLM, no regulations. Its just been an awesome opportunity to get to know our customers and have a good time. The people are just so warm and welcoming that I can’t wait to come back out and do it again next year.”

Given the success and popularity of the event in such a short time we can only strongly recommend that this be must attend on any gear heads list. Just gotta get yourself a Raptor.

Photography by Art Eugenio

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  1. How are photos of trucks (liked several) that participated in the Texas
    Raptor run purchased? Truck number? Thank you.

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