RC10.com / Lucas Oil Off Road Race Report

Primm, Nevada:
Rounds 1 & 2 were held at the Primm Valley Motorsports Complex, an awesome racing facility located on the state line in Primm, Nevada. The weather was nice and the track was hooked up for a perfect weekend of short course racing.

By the end of round 1 the Team Associated drivers took six places on the podium with Carl Renezeder in the Lucas Oil/RC10.COM Ford finishing 1st in Unlimited 4, with Travis Coyne wheeling his Associated/Pro Comp Ford into 2nd and Alan Pflueger taking 3rd place honors in Carl Renezeder’s famous old Chevy.

In the Unlimited 2 class it was Carl Renezeder again crossing the line first with Jeff Ward coming in a respectable 6th place for his first-ever short course race. We’re expect big things from Jeff this season as he’s already looking pretty comfortable in his Bully Dog ride after only one race!

In Unlimited Lite it was the man on crutches and a broken right foot showing everyone how it is done. Rob ‘Fig’ Naughton almost makes it look easy as pedaled his Lucas Oil/ReadyLift #54 to victory with his left foot. I did say almost because Team Associated’s own Casey Currie put up a furious battle chasing ‘Fig’ down to unfortunately let second place slip away as his truck lost traction and recovered to take 3rd place.

In round 2 of Unlimited 4 it’s Jeff Ward that takes 3rd place in his 2WD Bully Dog truck. The Unlimited 4 class of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series allows the 2WD trucks to run with 4WD trucks if they want to, which worked out very well for Jeff and Rodrigo!

In Unlimited 2 Carl Renezeder takes 1st place for a repeat performance in the Lucas Oil/RC10.COM Ford and Jeff Ward comes in a respectable 4th place, just missing the podium but with a strong showing for his second short course event.

Round 2 of Unlimited Lite saw again the dominance of Rob ‘Fig’ Naughton as he takes the checkered flag for the second time in a row, broken foot and all!

Surprise, Arizona:
The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series met in Surprise Arizona on May 2nd for rounds 3 & 4. Team Associated was there in full force, complete with a pro-built R/C track. On the track the guys from AE ran the new SC10s and SC8s, which drew quite a crowd with some people seeing pro-level R/C cars for the first time. Minds were blown by the high level of performance displayed by the Associated trucks on the track and everyone enjoyed watching the celebrity race with Carl, Travis, ‘Fig’ and Casey. These guys can really tear up the track in their big trucks but let’s just say that those fine racing skills don’t necessarily translate directly to R/C trucks!

Round 3 saw ‘The Punisher’ Carl Renezeder drive his Lucas Oil/RC10.COM Ford to victory with Alan Pflueger taking second place in Carl’s old but very potent Chevy, that now sports a new K&N paint job, in Unlimited 4. When asking Carl if it was ‘weird’ to race against his old truck, he said he doesn’t even think about it. It must be nice!

The Unlimited 2 class saw Jeff Ward finishing strong in 4th driving the Bully Dog truck with Jerry Whelchel, Greg Adler and Bryce Menzies taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Unlimited Lite once again saw Rob ‘Fig’ Naughton drive the #54 Lucas Oil truck to the winner’s circle with his left foot and Casey Currie taking 3rd place on the podium.

Seemingly unstoppable, once again Carl Renezeder proves he is the man to beat in the Unlimited 4 class. Alan Pflueger takes 2nd place in the K&N Chevy and our own Travis Coyne places 3rd driving the Associated/Pro Comp truck filling up the podium for the Lucas Off Road Racing Series round 4 of the Unlimited 4 class.

Round 4 in the Unlimited 2 class saw Bryce Menzies, Robby Woods, and Rodrigo Ampudia finishing 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively with Jeff Ward taking 5th place.

It would seem that Rob Naughton isn’t tired of winning and why should he be? If his broken foot can’t stop him from winning the Unlimited Lite class in round 4, it’s surely not going to stop him from getting to the highest spot of the podium and getting that trophy!

The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series is a family event at it’s core. Many of the pro-truck teams bring out their families who race in the different classes that run throughout the entire event. The kids get to run the Trophy Karts that are basically scaled-down versions of the big short course race trucks. These Karts are no joke featuring 5 to 30 horse power, depending on the class, and full suspension travel, making them very capable machines!

Team Associated decided to do something special for the kids competing in the Trophy Kart class by awarding the 1st place winners of the three kart classes a SC10 RTR. Congratulations to Sheldon Creed, Dustin Grabowski, Conner Hart, Myles Cheek, Trent Williams, and Dave Mason for a job well done!

Be sure to check out the next Lucas Off Road Racing Series event in Lake Elsinore, California on the 27th & 28th of June. Team Associated will be there in all the racing action that you surely won’t want to miss! For more information about the Lucas Oil Off Road Series, check outwww.lucasoiloffroad.com.

Team Associated/RC10.COM drivers signified in bold:
Round #1 Primm, NV
Unlimited 4: Carl Renezeder 1st, Travis Coyne 2nd, Alan Pflueger 3rd
Unlimited 2: Carl Renezeder 1st, Jerry Whelchel 2nd, Rodrigo Ampudia 3rd
Unlimited Lite: Rob Naughton 1st, Chris Brandt 2nd, Casey Currie 3rd

Round #2 Primm, NV
Unlimited 4: Jerry Daugherty 1st, Rodrigo Ampudia 2nd, Jeff Ward 3rd
Unlimited 2: Carl Renezeder 1st, Scott Schovajsa 2nd, Jerry Whelchel 3rd
Unlimited Lite: Rob Naughton 1st, Chris Brandt 2nd, Brian Deegan 3rd

Round #3 Surprise, AZ
Unlimited 4: Carl Renezeder 1st, Alan Pflueger 2nd, Jerry Daugherty 3rd
Unlimited 2: Jerry Whelchel 1st, Greg Adler 2nd, Bryce Menzies 3rd
Unlimited Lite: Rob Naughton 1st, Chris Brandt 2nd, Casey Currie 3rd

Round #4 Surprise, AZ
Unlimited 4: Carl Renezeder 1st, Alan Pflueger 2nd, Travis Coyne 3rd
Unlimited 2: Bryce Menzies 1st, Robby Woods 2nd, Rodrigo Ampudia 3rd
Unlimited Lite: Rob Naughton 1st, Chris Brandt 2nd, Todd Cuffaro 3rd