RDC Attends Crandon, Makes Mother Nature Cry

Today marked the day of the start of the 41st running of the epic race known by one word, CRANDON. No matter who is racing, or what promoter is putting on the race, Crandon will always be the standard by which other races are held to. With its rich history and family tradition, the beginning of the best short course race has officially begun.

The labor day parade kicked off today in downtown Crandon, bringing everyone in town to see all the race vehicles and teams. The parade had the usual participants, local government, high school marching bands, the fire department, and the legendary “wood mobile”. Robby Gordon finished off the festivities by doing a few BJ Baldwin esque donuts on the street at the joy of the crowd.

Right after the parade qualifying was supposed to start for all truck classes, but mother nature had other plans. She was so overwhelmed that RDC had made it to Crandon that her tears covered the track all day, making TORC cancel all practice for the day.

From TORC, “Due to wet conditions at Crandon Off Road International Raceway, all Traxxas TORC Series Presented by AMSOIL on-track activities have been canceled for the day.”

RDC apologizes for the inconvenience we caused today.

Photos by HighRev Photography