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We are now going racing – Class 11 has a new competitor

RDC Class 11

“Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to race a class 11?” was the casual question I asked Alfonso Lacarra of CODE at the last Off-Road Expo. “I am about to start building one for the next SCORE Baja 1000” was his reply “You want to team up on it?”

That was the first conversation we had a couple of months back and now we are deep into the build of the RDC/CODE Class 11. It all happened so fast that it hasn’t fully sank in yet. Finally after so many years of just sideline reporting on off-road races I’ll get to take part at last. A spectator will turn racer and it’s long over due.

So why class 11 from all the classes available? Racing is not cheap no matter what class you enter, but class 11 is clearly on the lower budget side of things. Perhaps the lowest cost per mile from all classes yet very competitive among each other. Class 11 cars have a nostalgic look to them that reminds people of a time when things seem simpler and you just have to cheer and root for the last car on the course. I know I have many times. It’s the underdog and true die hard challenger of the off-road elements.

Another reason we picked a rather slow class asides from the obvious low-budget argument is that it puts things more into perspective. It lets us experience how challenging every single mile of any race course really is. I want to let my friends and co-workers drive and co-ride as much as possible so they learn to appreciate that last race car on the course instead of packing in the fancy camera gear right after the Class 1 cars went through that spot along the course.

After we told a couple of industry people about our plans help wasn’t far away and MasterCraft donated some custom built race seats, General Tire will supply the tires, Fox Shox jumped on board with shocks and Vision-X will donate lights. Martin Garibay’s shop in Mexicali is building the car and it will be on display at the next CODE race contingency Friday February 12th.

The current race schedule is rather humble but the car will be along various CODE events such as drawings, contingency and awards ceremonies. We will also attend various off-road and car shows to promote off-road racing.

2010 – NORRA Mexican 1000

2010 – unknown race?

2010 – SCORE Baja 1000

Check our photo gallery and more upcoming updates on the progress of the RDC/CODE Class 11.