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Driving schools are nothing new in the rally world but there isn’t much offered for off road desert racers. With limited options, racers have resorted to participating in rally schools in the past to learn car control which plays a big part in off road racing. Typically testing and pre-running is the best way to familiarize yourself with a vehicle you plan to race. There really is no substitute for seat time. For those serious about racing and want to get the most they can out of it, a driving school makes sense.That’s where Louis Chamberland decided to seize the opportunity and start FastLine Driving Schools.

Race-Dezert was recently invited out to Outlet Center Drive in Barstow on a Wednesday to take the seat as a student of Fastline. We took off in the dirt, putting the Trophylite through the paces as Chamberland road co-driver. Keeping the pace slow, he ran down what he looks for: watching every action made by the driver’s hands and where a driver looks to get a better idea of driving style. The feedback from an experienced driver was a valuable tool. Speed aside, piloting the Trophylite was a major highlight of the day. Whenever you get a chance to do laps around Barstow in a race truck, it can be considered a great day.

Chamberland has a long, rich history in desert racing. Starting back in 1988, a 12 month old Chamberland co-rode in his first prerun at the Las Vegas Mint. The racing bug bit and just few years later, at the age of 12, he drove a 5-1600 car in his first desert race. He has won multiple Trophylite championships, is the 2010 BITD Class 6000 champ, 2010 Class 7 Baja 1000 winner, the 2013 Baja 1000 Class 1 winner and the 2015 Baja 1000 Winner in Class 10. Chamberland has clocked over 20 years of Baja prerun and race miles. That kind of seat time and success is what he has to offer new drivers wanting to take part in his new venture. Chamberland believes the most important thing in off road racing is staying smooth and consistent.

Fastline Driving School is unique in that it is filling a void for more than one type of off road racer.

For the Navigator:
Basic GPS/I-Pad training
Full navigating classes

For the Driver:
If you are looking to improve your skills, the driving classes are a worthwhile investment. Spend a single day or if you have more time, invest in a two day course with a bbq lunch each day.
Current vehicle owners looking to get more speed out of their race car can show up at scheduled test and tune days. Fastline will help you setup the suspension on your vehicle while out testing.

For the Off Road Enthusiast:
Have you always wanted to ride in a vehicle without the monetary commitment? Fastline has a ride along program that allows you to come out on a class day and ride in a Trophylite.
Are you considering making the leap into the racing world? They offer Trophylite race rentals and sessions for potential buyers.
Want to battle your coworkers? Plans are in place to host corporate events.

Sitting next to a veteran racer that can give you pointers is priceless. Everyone knows someone that has raced and will sit in the right seat but the advice they give may or may not be the right advice or be able to keep you calm in certain situations. Learning from a professional driver at a driving school like Fastline can greatly increase your knowledge behind the wheel, keeping you safer and helping you grab a first place.


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  • April 18, 2016
Would to learn more, and even book a week end to run down in Barstow, But some a hole Fastlane has the web all sowed up top 5 pages. need a contact number, thanks Dano
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      John Bitting
    • April 18, 2016
    Louis Chamberland

    Call: 760-250-2424