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RDC’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day quickly approaching on June 21st, we put together a list of ten gift ideas we would want to open up ourselves here at Race-Dezert.com. You could always leave this page up “accidentally” so the wife/girlfriend just happens to see it and gets some ideas for you. We know that kind of takes away from the surprise of opening something that you had no idea you were getting but it also guarantees you will not be opening a gift you had no idea you were getting.

1. Mint 400 Anthology DVD Box Set $40  Mad Media puts on one of the biggest and baddest races of the year with record entries. The videos they produce for the race are timeless and a must for any off road DVD collection.

Mint 400 Anthology
2. PCI First Aid Kit $34.95 It’s smart to keep a first aid kit in your prerunner or race vehicle. You never know when you will need it. Better safe than sorry.

PCI First Aid Kit 2015 Fathers Day
3. Hunsaker 5 Gallon Quik Fill Jug $69.95 Perfect fuel jug for the desert whether you are filling up your dirt bike or topping off your truck on a trail run. The handle makes it easy to pour.

Hunsaker 5 Gallon Jug 2015 Fathers Day
4. PRP Tool Bag $40 Stop your loose tools from sliding around in your vehicle with this sturdy bag. These bags also can be mounted to the vehicle to keep it from flying around during your off road trips.

PRP Tool Bag 2015 Fathers Day
5. Rigid Industries Dually Flood Amber $109.  Great dust light to be mounted on your chase truck or prerunner. Rigid are some of the strongest lights in the industry.

Rigid Industries Dually 2015 Fathers Day
6. Tred 4×4 Recovery $189 Smart idea to carry on any off road vehicle. With the courses getting so chewed up and soft  it’s only a matter of time before you get stuck. These give you a better chance of getting out with less digging.

Tred 4x4 Recovery 2015 Fathers Day
7.RDC Hoodie $45 You can never have too many hoodies. This is a must have for any off road enthusiast that knows how cold the desert can get once the sun goes down. 

Race-Dezert Hoodies
8. Rugged Radios Handheld $85  Communication is key when in the desert. Whether talking car to car with your buddies or listening to Weatherman, we feel a handheld is a great addition to everybody’s vehicle.

Rugged Handheld 2015 Fathers Day
9. Vision X Tantrum LED Kit $119 Accent lighting is a great addition to any vehicle whether it’s a street queen or full blown off road vehicle. 

Vision X Tantrum 2015 Fathers Day
10. Polaris RZR XP1000 $20K Not much to say on this one. It’s a little out of the Father’s Day budget, but like the old saying “If you don’t ask, you will never know” comes to mind. We know…it’s a long shot.

RZR XP1000 2015 Fathers Day

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