Red Bull Frozen Rush Qualifying Results and Photos

The qualifying round of Red Bull Frozen Rush went down this morning to determine the starting match-ups for the final, and it was Ricky Johnson who charged through for the best time of the day.  Qualifying was conducted with only one truck on the track at a time, and each truck immediately returned to the pits so the crews could do some fine-tuning prep for tomorrow’s head-to-head battles.  Red Bull Frozen Rush will be available for the world to watch in real time tomorrow through Red Bull TV at RedBull.com/frozenrush.
Fans can watch all the action live starting at 12:30 pm ET on Friday, January 9, 2015.
Results – Qualifying
1. Ricky Johnson 1:33.997
2. Bryce Menzies 1:34.085
3. Rob MacCachren 1:34.886
4. Scott Douglas 1:35.829
5. Chad Hord 1:36.569
6. RJ Anderson 1:39.340
7. Brian Deegan 1:40.015
8. Carl Renezeder 2:00.231
9. Todd LeDuc DNS (mechanical)