Red Bull partners with Land Rover, Inmarsat and Kärcher on the Dakar Rally

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Red Bull partners with Land Rover, Inmarsat and Kärcher on the Dakar Rally

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Red Bull partners with Land Rover, Inmarsat and Kärcher © Red Bull Content Pool

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Thursday, December 17, 2015

To keep up with all the motorsport action on the Dakar Rally in South America – one of the last true motorsport adventures left on earth – Red Bull has partnered with Land Rover and Inmarsat to bring some of the most remote parts of the world onto Red Bull’s multimedia platforms.

Following the rally through 9,500 kilometres of inhospitable terrain while remaining permanently connected to tell the whole story is far from a straightforward task. But thanks to Land Rover and Inmarsat, Red Bull is able to bring the odyssey of the Dakar into the connected world.

Together, Land Rover and Inmarsat have effectively enabled a high-speed mobile media studio, enabling material to be captured and sent on the move in a way that has never been seen before on the Dakar.

Land Rover is Red Bull Motorsports’ Adventure Partner – supplying Red Bull personnel with specially equipped vehicles that enable the crew on the ground to get round the mammoth stages, through deserts and mountains, visiting the places that only competitors normally see.

As a result, Red Bull can produce unique reports, photographs and videos that truly capture the essence of the Dakar, allowing everybody to share in the adventure.

Of course, all this exclusive material needs to be filed, which is why mobile satellite firm Inmarsat is Red Bull Content Pool’s Technology Partner for Extreme Events. And events rarely come more extreme than the epic Dakar.

Inmarsat provides sophisticated satellite communication equipment to feed the Red Bull Content Pool – the home of Red Bull’s media distribution activities – with real-time content that conveys the athletes’ adventures.

The Land Rover Defender has been fitted with an Explorer 727 BGAN terminal so the team can relay content while following the race. A portable Explorer 510 BGAN terminal has also been provided so that Red Bull’s photographers can get even closer to the action and still transmit content very quickly. The team will also have four of Inmarsat’s latest handheld satellite phones – IsatPhone 2 – for voice communications, tracking and safety support.

The Land Rover Defender used by Red Bull’s photography team, Marcelo Maragni and Flavien Duhamel, in South America is fully equipped with a roll cage and safety equipment, while on the roof an Inmarsat transmitter can send data in real time, making it a unique one-stop media shop.

The Red Bull Content Pool’s distinctive Defender is just the latest chapter in a long association between Land Rover and the Dakar, with the iconic Range Rover used on the event from the 1970s onwards, as well as variants of the Land Rover Defender in more recent years.

Inmarsat too has a long pedigree in motorsport. The company was previously involved in the World Rally Championship, again overcoming hostile environments to provide unparalleled communications using the latest satellite technology.

Greg Ewert, President of Inmarsat Enterprise commented: “I’m proud that Inmarsat has been named as Red Bull Content Pool’s Technology Partner for Extreme Events, and especially pleased to support its coverage live from Dakar Rally. Providing connectivity in remote extreme environments is a fundamental part of our DNA and it’s a testament to the strength of our reliable global satellite network that we’ve been chosen. The world of media and content is becoming more and more real time, and Inmarsat is committed to evolving its platforms and services to meet this need. We look forward to being part of the adventure, working with the Red Bull team both at the Dakar Rally and beyond.”

After thousands of kilometres topped with kilos of sand, dust and deteriorating conditions, the mobile hub will need a proper recovery. Thanks to the pressure wash firm Kärcher, the Red Bull photographers can look forward to an immaculate studio at the start of each stage. Kärcher and its Cleaning Centre, the Desafio Kärcher, will be present at each bivouac to assist in getting the vehicles back into racing conditions with their high pressure cleaners and purpose-built wet and dry vacuum cleaners, especially needed after the unforgiving Uyuni salt flats.

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