Redemption and Attrition Take Over in LOORRS Wheatland -

Redemption and Attrition Take Over in LOORRS Wheatland

Racing continued in Wheatland Missouri at the Lucas Oil Speedway for Round 8 of the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series. One again the heat and humidity showed up but for the second day in a row it didn’t keep the fans away.

While the weather has a long tradition in the midwest so does short course racing. WSORR raced this very speedway 10 years ago and SODA, CORR and now TORC have been running races in the midwest for decades.

Now Lucas Oil has a foot hold in the Midwest giving short course fans another chance to watch the sport they love with plenty of it to go around.

Much like the old school fans have a passion for this sport, so do the drivers that race out on the track. Round 8 made for some exciting racing and the drivers did their part in putting on a good show for the fans.

In Pro 4 Doug Mittag got his first win in the class and now has wins in all three truck classes, Pro 4, Pro 2 and Prolite. The win didn’t come easy though and he showed that with the win he is a force to be reckoned with in the class. A yellow flag on the last lap caused a restart and while Mittal would be able to stay in front and take home the win, the real battle was for the final two podium spots.

Going into the last corner Rob MacCachren, Chad Hord and Carl Renezeder were bumper to bumper and flying off the final table top before the finish they were side by side. It would come down to who got the best jump out of the corner and Rob Mac and Hord would take the two spots respectively.

Pro 4 Results
Doug Mittag
Rob MacCachren
Chad Hord

Prolite would start off with a bang as Jerett Brooks would end up on his lid in turn two causing a restart. He would get flipped back over and continue and eventually work his way from the back to finish in fourth.

Brandon Arthur, who earlier in the day won the UTV race, took the lead from Christopher Polvoorde who spun out while up front and never looked back taking the win. Hailie Deegan finished in second place and did so while on fire for almost the entire last lap, and Ryan Beat came up in third.

Prolite Results
Brandon Arthur
Hailie Deegan
Ryan Beat

All season long the story in Pro Buggy is Elliot Watson vs. Darren Hardesty Jr. Today was no different with the two swapping leads all race long and while Watson finished first physically, LOORRS officials didn’t like some contact he had with Hardesty giving him a black flag putting him back to last place. Before this weekend Watson had a 10 point lead, and if he were to win today it would of put him 16 points ahead, but now Hardesty is leading by 1 point.

Pro Buggy Results
Darren Hardesty Jr.
Sterling Cling
Broc Dickerson

The Pro 2 race today was about attrition and redemption. After a huge crash in Round 7 Kyle Hart and his team had a lot of work to get done to get it ready for the next round. Working all through the night and in the morning missing qualifying, Hart made it to the start line.

Brian Deegan who started front row with Rob Mac jumped out to an early lead while Mac DNF’d on the first lap. Deegan would hold the lead for 7 of the 10 laps before having to pull off with what looked to be an engine fire. Patrick Clark who was running strong in the second position took over the lead.

On the final lap it looked like Clark would add another win to his resume but on turn 3 a motor issue and fire would cause him to come to a sudden stop. Jerett Brooks who was following close behind had to avoid Clark which let Jeremy McGrath squeeze by and take the lead.

With only a few turns left Brooks just didn’t have enough time to make a move on McGrath and he would take home the win extending his points lead. Third place? That would go to Kyle Hart showing you never give up.

Pro 2 Results
Jeremy McGrath
Jerett Brooks
Kyle Hart

Photos by HighRev Photography

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