Renezeder-LOORRS Round 17 & Challenge Cup

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Renezeder wraps up the 2015 season with his third LOORRS cup win.

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October 30, 2015 – The Lucas Oil Challenge Cup race is billed as the most exciting race of the year, the Pro-4 and Pro-2 carnage is intense. This year was no different and Renezeder was at his best, driving in the style that has made him a legend these past 17 years in his Lucas Oil Off Road Racing trucks.

2015 LOORRS Round 17 & CUP

The annual year end race pits the Pro-2’s against the Pro-4’s, with the Pro-2’s given a half lap head start. Renezeder gracefully maneuvered his Pro-4 past the Pro-2’s, as the fans were treated to classic Renezeder driving as he came home with his 118th win and his third LOORRS challenge cup win.
“I’m proud of our team,” said Renezeder. My team, my family, my sponsors and all of my fans are what makes this worthwhile, I could not do this without them.”

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The 2015 race season had its highs and lows, with the team making lots of changes to the trucks to fine-tune them all year long. “We used everything we learned and continued to work hard to give the trucks that winning edge” commented Renezeder.
While Renezeder may humbly claim that the year had it’s ups and downs. Renezeder and the team wrapped up the 2015 race season with 14 podiums, including the much coveted Challenge cup for an unprecidented third time.

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What does 2016 have in store for Renezeder and the team? Look for an early start with the Frozen Rush in January. Then they are looking to start the 2016 Lucas Oil off Road Series in March right where this one left off.

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Carl Renezeder is an American off-road racer for Team Renezeder Racing. Renezeder has won 118 short course national events while competing in Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS), Championship Off Road Racing (CORR), and World Series of Off Road Racing (WSORR). He has won nine short course off road racing championship in both two wheel drive and four wheel drive trucks in the same year. Some of his other accomplishments inclued Red Bull Frozen Rush, nine consecutive wins in a division and a total of eight cup wins.

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