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R&I Industries – Shop Tour

Race-Dezert.com is back out on the road once again and the latest stop on the shop tour is R&I Industries. They have been in business for over 35 years doing custom sheet metal fabrication and design. Craig Hall was able to take us on a tour of the shop and show us exactly whats going on behind the scenes there. Craig has worked in the metal fabrication industry for 15 years and has been building and designing offroad parts for many top teams and offroad companies today.

Craig is able to take a design that you have sketched on something as small as a napkin and turn it into a real life part. One of the tools available to help is this Romer 3-D scanning arm. It can scan anything in front of it and copy it exactly to a 3-D CAD Drawing.

Once a design is in the computer you can take it out into the shop to one of the many machines for any type of metal-cutting. This is the Laser which is used for both sheet metal and tube notching. The tube notching can be so precise that ones the design is done you can simply take the tubes as they come from R&I and simply assemble them and weld, very little to no finishing work is needed.

For some of the thicker materials a water jet machine is used. It can cut through pretty much anything you can fit on the table.

Some designs call for a pattern to be stamped into sheet metal. This machine the Strippit does just that. It can punch various shapes and designs at a time by using a rotating tooling system inside it.

R&I has designed and custom built several machines themselves for in-house use. Along with some very cool custom tool boxes.

Along the years they have designed several different type of header flanges and small tabs for the offroad/drag race world. Many are one-off designs.

One of the cool tools found at R&I is the robotic arm welder. It can weld 360 degrees around a part and makes a perfect weld every time.

Need a computer desk that you can roll around the shop and also adjust the height of? No problem R&I can build it!

The Lucas Oil Offroad Series has used trophies fabricated by R&I for the past couple years.

No job is to small for R&I and if you have a design that you are trying to finish up and turn into a real life production just contact R&I and see what they can do for you. Some of their past customers are the biggest names in the industry such as Jimco, Alumicraft, Camburg, Fusion Offroad, Penhall, Pro-AM, Robby Gordon, Racer, and many more!

You can contact R&I at 909-923-7747 or visit them on the web at www.rimetal.com

Thanks once again to R&I and Craig Hall for letting Race-Dezert.com stop by and take a tour of one of the biggest metal fabricators in southern CA!