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Richer Racing – Shop Tour

Race-Dezert.com was back on the road again and didn’t have to travel far this time as Richer Racing was the next stop in Oceanside, CA. Richer Racing is owned and operated by Jonny Richer. They have been in business for almost 10 years and what started out in his parents garage has grown into a 5k sq. foot shop! They specialize in off road fabrication and can do just about everything including, prototyping, CNC milling, CNC plasma, race prep, industrial fabrication, and lift kit installation. Race-Dezert was able to stop by on the same day as their house party so there were quite a few people in attendance, with free food why wouldn’t you show up?!

One of the project currently in the shop is this Suburban, Richer Racing is currently building the engine cage and mounting 4″ King Kong shocks along with a pair of 2.5″ Race Series coilovers. After that is complete they will start to tackle the rear with the plan of 4-linking it using their own link kit. This will be a 6 seat badass SUV when its done.

Another project currently in the shop is Steve Kurtyka’s F150. Richer started out by modifying the current cab cage it had and tied it into an engine cage. They also designed and added crossover steering which is being finished up now. While in the engine compartment Steve wanted to drop in a new motor so he provided them with a 347 ci stroker motor along with a Culhane C6. CRB did the sheet metal work to finish it up.

Dave Hough dropped off his 1400 Toyota race truck to get rebuilt by Richer Racing, this is what it looked like only a couple of days into the rebuild, then the picture below is what it looks like now that Richer Racing has completely rebuilt the truck from the firewall back using 2″ 4130, Richer Links, 4″ King Kong shocks because you can never have too much shock, a custom Harmon fuel cell and once again CRB did the sheet metal work to finish it off.

Jonny Richer is also in the middle of building himself a F-150 race truck. It is being built as a class 1400 truck. It runs a Richer Racing 4-link kit in the rear and their own race kit up front. The front kit is 4.5″ wider per side and cycles a clean 16″ of travel. The arms are fully boxed and feature 1″ uniballs. The uprights are also custom fabricated. The 3rd picture below is their kit on another truck right after finishing installation.

One of the new products Richer Racing is building is their Craftsman jack mount. These can be custom designed for different applications. If you want more info on these give Jonny a call!

The shop is fully equipped with a CNC plasma that can cut out anything you can think of. If you need a custom one-off piece cut or more just let Richer Racing know and they can take care of it for you!

Thanks to Jonny and everyone at Richer Racing for inviting Race-Dezert.com over to check out their shop and the open house event. For more info on any of their kits or services please visit their website at: http://www.richerracing.com