Rigid Industries Breaks the Light Barrier with Jay Reichert’s 136 MPH Run

Gilbert, AZ

Trophy Truck driver Jay Reichert set out to put all the guessing and outright bragging to rest by setting an official Trophy Truck top speed record. He would take his 2012 Jimco Trophy Truck and make several runs at full throttle on El Diablo dry lake bed located on the Baja, Mexico peninsula. He made several runs in the daylight and then after dark.

“I was concerned I would encounter the “Black Hole” during my night runs but that never happened,” says Jay, “It was important to me to run the truck the same way we do in the race. We didn’t drop it down or tape up the openings, it was fully prepped to race the Baja 1000 a few days later. We ran the same Rigid Industries LED Lighting that we normally do and they performed perfectly at over 130 miles per hour.”

The “Black Hole” Jay is referring to is the point where you are going faster than you can see at night. The speed of light is 671 million miles per hour. The black hole is not because your light isn’t going fast enough, because it is. The “Black Hole” has to do with your brains ability to pick up the light that is being reflected and distinguish the contrast between light and dark. The brighter and better quality of the light, the faster your brain can analyze what you are seeing. If your lighting is too dim, your brain struggles to keep up.

Jay was running two Rigid Industries 50” E-Series LED light bars on the roof and a 40” and 30” E-Series LED light bars on the front bumper. “I expected to be driving out into the black hole, but it didn’t happen,” said Jay, “Conditions on the lake bed were not optimal; the ground was damp and loamy so I had to stay in a two track trail that had been packed down by local traffic. If I was to get out of the groove, it would have been ugly. I made several runs during the day and then at night that all fell into the 134-136 mile per hour range. With my Rigid Industries lighting, I was able to see the tracks in front of me as clear as daylight and stay on the throttle.”

Now that a benchmark has been set, Jay wants to be the first to break it. The two-track he was following made a left turn that caused him to back out of it when the truck could have gone faster.

Jay plans to break the 140 mph mark. Next year, after the wet season is over, Jay will find a drier lake bed to make his next attempt. Rigid Industries will be there with him, lighting the way to a new record. The toughest conditions are no match for the superior lighting performance Rigid Industries provides. When you demand the best in optical technology and rugged durability there is nothing that compares to Rigid Industries LED lighting.

Photography & Video By: Mad Media

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