Riot Racing Battle at Primm 2011 –

Riot Racing Battle at Primm 2011

Riot Racing comes within seconds of a first-place win at the Battle at Primm. After two days of intense competition on an exciting course, Marc Ewing and the #68 finish in 2nd at the opening SNORE event of the season in February.

Watch as Riot continues in the Best in the Desert series at the Silverstate 300 on April 30, 2011.


  1. This got to be one of the nicest off-road videos we have posted here on RDC. It tells the story of a fun race team that one just wants to be part of after watching this 15 minute film. RIOT racing is still one of the younger teams in racing and I am sure the podiums will eventually come. Good people attract good things.

    Thumbs up.

  2. After watching this I can’t wait for their Parker 425 video. Their videos just keep getting better. Perfect mix of action and team. Makes me cheer for Riot more and more.

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