Riot Racing Prep Services

Riot Racing to offer prep services in Henderson, Nev. race shop

Riot Racing is happy to announce that it is opening its doors to prepping other vehicles in addition to their own successful trophy trucks. “We are looking for a few vehicles to prep now,” said Harvey Knapp, team manager for Riot Racing. “We know how difficult it can be for newcomers to the sport and for those who travel in from other parts of the continent. We feel we can provide a unique service because of our own experiences.”

Jordan Poole is the co-driver for the #68 trophy truck and shop manager for Riot Racing. “This really is a great opportunity for racers who don’t have their own facility or are tired of the expense involved in owning their own shop,” he said. “We have everything on hand to perform a super high-quality race prep.

In addition to prep services, Riot Racing is offering pit support at races. “We have learned that your race finish position can be drastically different if you have good pit stops,” said Marc Ewing, driver of the #68. “You also need to have a good inventory of parts and fluids at all of your pits! Our support trucks are incredibly well stocked and organized.”

Rick Geiser of Geiser Bros. is extremely enthusiastic about Riot Racing’s new venture. “When you look at how well these guys have done in such a short space of time, it’s amazing. They really have become a top contender and one of the best-prepped teams in the desert. I highly recommend them— a great group of guys that have a top-notch facility and crew. We raced the 2012 Mint 400 together, and I have to say it was best set up vehicle I had driven in a while.”

Jimmy Stephenson, driver of the #33 Pro Lite unlimited truck, said, “The guys at Riot Racing have been prepping my Pro2 since August of 2011. It’s an awesome shop with a great group of guys. They will work closely with you to make sure you get exactly the prep you want.”

If you have an unlimited truck, buggy or short course vehicle and are looking to get an outstanding race prep or you need pit support, call Riot Racing Team Manager Harvey Knapp at 847-778-8329.


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  • July 12, 2012
cool sounds like you guys might need some extra help around the shop... HINT HINT ;)
Gotta say that the prep that i have seen on the #68 TT is 100% the best quality, This is aussome that Riot is opening up there prep services to the off road industry.