RJ Anderson Wins The 50th Anniversary Crandon World Championship

This past weekend the biggest short course race ever went down in Crandon Wisconsin. With its rich history Crandon Offroad Raceway is the mecca of short course where the biggest names in the sport come to battle it out. This year the Flannery family and Marty Fiolka went big offering the largest purse in the sports history and bringing in rock legend Kid Rock to literally rock the house Friday night in front of 13,000 fans.

We’ve put together almost 200 photos over the course of 3 days of non-stop action out in a place were any other time of the year has a population of 2000. But this Labor Day Weekend saw almost 60,000 people from all over the United State come to enjoy all the action the track has to offer.

The Crandon weekend officially starts on Friday with the parade downtown. Drivers bring their race vehicles to put on display and interact with all the fans. At 12pm the city blasts their horn and the parade gets underway with floats, local businesses, marching bands and drivers parading down the street.

Following the parade the Pro classes got a chance to practice on the track and some Sportsman races were held, but the biggest story about Friday was the new “Crandon Rocks” party where Kid Rock was brought in to perform. A massive stage was brought in and close to 13,000 people bought tickets and watched Kid Rock play for almost two hours. The concert was a big hit with everyone and word on the street is that next year the track plans to bring out Katy Perry and JoJo Siwa.

The rest of the weekend was filled with non stop racing both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday the last rounds of racing for the Midwest Short Course Series went down and championships were handed out. Keegan Kincaid, CJ Greaves and Christopher Polvorrde all secured their championships in the final race of the season. Polvorrde who is running both the midwest and west coast series this season swept all 7 races which is unheard of. Sportsman trophies were also given out as the season came to a close in front of the biggest crowd of the year.

Like last year the Ultra 4’s came out to play for the final race on Saturday. Starting with a land rush start, the cars all did a lap on the short course track then turned into the woods to change things up a bit. Followed by a short rock section the drivers went back into the short course track where they would keep laying down laps for 45 minutes. Casey Currie battled with Paul Horshel for most of the race and came out on top after the time limit.

Sunday was the big day that everyone was waiting for. The cup races always make for some exciting battles and the 50th didn’t disappoint. In the Prolite race Polvorrde got the hole shot and looked to walk away with it but Cole Mamer had other plans. Lap by lap Mamer started to reel in Polvorrde putting the pressure on him. One little mistake would be all Mamer would need but it didn’t happen and Polvorrde took home the win and a check for $7,500.

The final race of the day was a great battle that pitted the Pro 2 and Pro 4’s together. With the Pro 2’s getting a head start it was up to the 16 Pro 4’s to hammer down and try and catch over 20 Pro 2’s, which was the largest field short course has seen in a long time. Keegan Kincaid got the hole shot in the 410 Pro 2’s, and everyone knew if he got through turn one first he would be the one to beat. The next group of “west coast” Pro 2’s started next followed by the fire breathing Pro 4’s.

Lap by Lap the Pro 4’s started picking off the Pro 2’s. The two favorites in Pro 4 were Kyle Leduc and Bryce Menzies, but both had to pull off the track and watch the race from the infield together. Leduc suffered a rear flat tire after getting hit by Johnny Greaves on the first lap in turn two, and Menzies suffered a mechanical issue after leading the Pro 4’s and in the midst of the Pro 2’s. Halfway through Kincaid still led the race but RJ Anderson now leading the Pro 4’s was getting close. Each lap RJ would get closer and closer and finally on the second to last lap RJ would get around Kincaid and be crowned the winner of the cup.

Photos by HighRev Photo