Rob Mac Reclaims Top Spot in Day Two at Bark River –

Rob Mac Reclaims Top Spot in Day Two at Bark River

Friday we witnessed some of the best racing of the TORC season with the battles between Bryce Menzies and Rob MacCachren, Johnny Greaves and Ricky Johnson, and even the ProLight race between Keegan Kincaid and Brad Lovell.  Saturday was nothing short of entertaining to say the least.  We witnessed why Rob MacCachren is unparalleled in the sport of off-road racing, as he went from upside down in the drink, to smirking down at the media from the top of the podium in one of the most extraordinary moments in TORC history.

Rob MacCachren is taking over short course.  From SST to LOORRS to TORC, Rob can win at will and that’s exactly what he did in Round 5.    Early on in the Pro 2 race, MacCachren flipped his truck in to a creek and found him self upside down.  After being pulled from the water, he resumed the race from the back of the pack.  Literally, even the water couldn’t cool him off and he eventually passed ever competitor to take the win in Pro 2.  Monster Energy’s CJ Greaves showed that he’s getting more and more comfortable in his Pro2 and was the second finisher, followed by previous days winner, Bryce Menzies.

Pro2 Top 3
1.  Rob MacCachren
2.  CJ Greaves
3.  Bryce Menzies

Following the two DNF’s in the first day at Bark River, CJ Greaves bounced back and not only finished second in Pro 2 but won the second race of the pro series in the Pro Light class.   The race was more or less won as soon as it began.  CJ made quick work of the field of Pro Lights and won the race hands down.  Keegan Kincaid and Brad Lovell finished the race behind 2013 points leader and earned important points to stay within striking range for the points championship as the season nears its halfway point.

Pro Light Top 3
1.  CJ Greaves
2.  Keegan Kincaid
3.  Brad Lovell

After Rob’s unbelievable come from behind victory, he hopped in his Pro 4 and challenged Ricky Johnson to forget the rest of the field and have a one on one brawl to the checkered.  The two went toe-to-toe the entire race but Ricky Johnson proved he’s one of the best, by beating one, and earned the top spot on the podium.  Mark Jenkins, who has struggled most of the 2013 season, finally found his groove and earned a third place podium finnish.

Pro4 Top 3
1.  Ricky Johnson
2.  Rob MacCachren
3.  Mark Jenkins

There’s still one day of racing left, so stay tuned for more from Bark River, MI.

Photography by Mike Roth

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