Rob MacCachren Edges Out Jason Voss in BITD’s BlueWater Desert Challenge

Best in the Desert concluded its two day race in Parker, AZ with 73 more miles of racing today.  Two finishing times from each day were combined to crown one champion in each of the five races.  It was a well oiled machine, the three lap desert sprint that featured jumps, sandy whoops, the infamous Parker Python infield section, and open Arizona desert.  Rob MacCachren proved to be too much to handle in his #6 Rock Star Energy Trick Truck, beating out nineteen other trucks in the Blue Water Desert Challenge on his path to total off-road domination.

Rob MacCachren and Jason Voss.  Mad men.  Voss and MacCachren ran two perfectly executed races today, averaging 70 mph on lap 1, 60 mph on lap 2 and 55 mph on lap 3.  Credit Jason Voss for attempting to hunt down MacCachren, who started the race out front.  But open air for Rob MacCachren is like a pulled goalie.  Heading in to today, Rob had a +00:02:17 lead on Voss.  Voss was able to make up twenty five seconds on lap two.  By then, the two were lapping 6100’s, not because #6158 Tony Smiley and #6176 Jason Ruane both rolled, but because the two were flying.  Yes, we’re pretty sure Rob Mac and Jason Voss were flying today.

By race mile six of the final lap, the two leaders were right on top of each other.  It was a dogfight.  As crews called out splits, both MacCachren and Voss felt the urgency.

“We ran hard.  We’re missing our hood, obviously,” Voss commented at the finish line.  “We stood up on our nose a couple times.  The dust would come and go as the wind picked up and we had to hold back.”

Voss put a +00:00:33 dent in MacCachren’s lead built yesterday, but overall it was Rob MacCachren by +00:01:10 for Best in the Desert’s BlueWater Desert Challenge.

Class 1400-6100 Weekend Overall Top 5
Overall Position Saturday Time Sunday Time      Overall Time
1. Rob MacCachren 01:15:37  01:20:06 02:35:43
2. Jason Voss 01:17:54  01:19:33 02:37:27
3. Jonathan Swift 01:22:03  01:21:40 02:43:43
4. Steve Olliges 01:21:59  01:22:19 02:44:18
5. TJ Flores 01:22:45  01:22:34 02:45:08

 *Full list finish times will be added when released by Best in the Desert.*

Just as the wind started to pick up, the 1500’s went out in an all out sprint to fight for class and overall finishing positions.  #1570 Harley Letner got out to a promising start, putting three seconds on yesterday’s leader, Justin Lofton.  Letner started from the seventh row, battling lap traffic and dust.  Lofton gained back that time and then some by lap two, while Chuck Hovey and Ray Griffith were in a close race for third and fourth.  Yesterday’s speed, #1504 Nick Nelson, blew a steering pump and dropped out of the race early, ending his chance for a respectable finish after receiving a 15 minute penalty for unintentionally cutting the course yesterday.

Iron man, Chuck Hovey, pressed on Lofton all day but came 00:03:06 short in today’s race.  Hovey finished second place overall, only to Justin Lofton in his #1577 General Tire Class 1500.  Lofton was greeted by his team and crew with a cold beer at the finish line.  Well deserved after two days of dirt and sweat.  

Class 1500 Weekend Overall Top 5
Overall Position Saturday Time Sunday Time      Overall Time
1. Justin Lofton 01:21:47 01:20:08 02:41:56
2. Chuck Hovey 01:22:25 01:23:14 02:45:40
3. Jon Walker 01:23:02 01:25:22 02:48:24
4. Vince Galewick 01:27:27 01:28:27 02:55:54
5. Eduardo Laguna 01:34:14 01:26:40 03:00:55

 *Full list finish times will be added when released by Best in the Desert.*

Michael LaPaglia continued his tear in the third race that combined 1000′s, 7200′s, 8000′s, and a lone 5500.  LaPaglia took hole shot and never looked back, leading every lap.  LaPaglia finished +00:01:37 ahead of Sammy Ehrenberg, who finished second on the day.  #7201 Sean Backus was the first 7200 to finish and was only ten seconds shy of a second place finish on Sunday.  McCrae Glass took the Sunday win in Class 8000.  

Class 7200/1000-8000-5500 Weekend Overall Top 5
Overall Position Saturday Time Sunday Time      Overall Time
1. Michael LaPaglia 01:23:34 01:26:56 02:50:30
2. Sammy Ehrenberg 01:27:46 01:28:33 02:56:20
3. Al Hogan 01:27:32 01:31:29 02:59:01
4. Troy Messer 01:28:46 01:31:57 03:00:43
5. Macrae Glass 01:34:28 01:29:29 03:03:57

*Full list finish times will be added when released by Best in the Desert.*

Although Ben Abatti crossed the finish line in his #6006 Trophylite first today, Bryan Folks was only 41 seconds behind him.  Having beaten Logan Holaday in the previous days race by +00:02:12, Folks secured an overall win in the second race of the day.  Folks led on his way out for the second lap but dropped a couple stops behind both Holaday and Abatti.  Folks played it cool and wound up finishing behind Abatti within enough time to secure the overall win.  

Class 1100-6000-2000-3000-5000-8100-7100 
Weekend Overall Top 5
Overall Position Saturday Time Sunday Time      Overall Time
1. Bryan Folks 01:31:11 01:37:35 03:08:47
2. Logan Holladay 01:33:33 01:36:08 03:09:32
3. Ben Abatti 01:37:09 01:36:54 03:14:03
4. Jimmy Hook 01:38:49 01:41:19 03:20:09
5. Kevin Smith 01:37:36 01:47:54 03:25:41

*Full list finish times will be added when released by Best in the Desert.*

The UTV race was one of the closest all day.  Scott Kiger of Holz Racing took the hole shot ahead of JaggedX’s Brandon Schueler, who was in the lead on time from yesterday’s race.  Justin Lambert hung within a minute of Kiger and Schueler for the first lap, but fell back as the two continued to push the pace.  Lap two times showed Kiger eight seconds ahead of Schueler.

When the loyal fans started gathering at the finish line, it was Brandon Schueler who was insight and crossed the finish first for the second consecutive day, winning BITD’s BlueWater Desert Challenge in the 1900 class.  Kiger was absent at the finish line as the rest of the field came in.  On Sunday, the first four UTV’s took the top five positions with the #3704  Jeep Speed of Brad Mamer +00:01:26 off Schueler’s pace.  

Class 1800-3700-1900-1700 Weekend Overall Top 5
Overall Position  Saturday Time Sunday Time      Overall Time
1. Brandon Schueler 01:38:39 01:48:45 3:27:24
2. Justin Lambert 01:42:11 01:50:23 3:32:35
3. Bob Mamer 01:47:29 01:50:11 3:37:40
4. Jason Murray 01:44:46 01:53:20 3:38:06
5. Skylar Gambrell 01:44:53 01:55:15 3:40:08

*Full list finish times will be added when released by Best in the Desert.*

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  • J
  • October 13, 2013
Holladay beat abatti today by 46 sec and Floks by1:28 so if you minus his 12 sec lead the day before holladay won the over all in race 2 the write up is off
  • B
    Bill Fuentes
  • October 14, 2013
Outstanding write up and excellent photos!
  • D
    Kilian Hamlin
  • October 15, 2013
Folks had +00:02:12 on Holladay after day 1.
  • J
  • October 15, 2013
Great photography!
  • H
  • October 16, 2013
I must second and third the good photos, that is an understatement!!! Great race, go coverage minus the dreaded radio feed. Congrats Rob, one of the nicest guys in the desert.