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Robbie Pierce’s Jimco Prerunner

By nature, Trophy Trucks are striped down totally functional ready for battle machines. A pre-runner has become just the opposite. It’s basically a Trophy Truck; loaded down with all the extras and luxuries that have been summarily tossed out of a trophy truck because they don’t help you win. After years of pre-running in his “Prophy” truck, Robbie Pierce finally gave into the idea that pre-running with all the accouterments is okay. “I was pre-running down near Borrego and I thought we were getting a lot done. I was clipping along pretty fast through a whooped out section and Ron Whitton blew by me in his Geiser built luxury pre-runner. I could have swore he had a drink in his hand while he went by smiling. I went home and called my good friend Mike Juleson at Jimco and said: ‘Build me a pre-runner.’ Mike responded, ‘we build race cars for winning races!” stated Robbie.

After much convincing, Pierce managed to convince Jimco to build their first luxury pre-runner, after all he bought their very first Trophy Truck so it was fitting he be the first one to own a Jimco luxury pre-runner. Anybody who has actually spent a lot of time pre-running knows that all these “extras” are really functional in grinding out multi-day hundreds of miles pre-runs. The devil is in the details and as usual Mike Juleson attacked the project like a kid in a candy shop adding extras like dual radios, adjustable seats, and air conditioning to the back seat. The attention to detail in the metal work and interior resembles a Ferrari more than an off-road vehicle.

This luxury Jimco pre-runner took its maiden voyage at last years Baja 1000 and was re-preped and thrown right into the brutality of San Felipe.

“It’s an amazing vehicle. It a big plush Trophy Truck. I beat the hell out of this thing all day and pull onto the pavement and drive it with one hand like it was a Cadillac.” commented Pierce.

Owner: Robbie Pierce
Builder: Jimco Racing
Chassis: Jimco Racing Ford Raptor Prerunner
Weight: 6800lbs
Wheel Base: 128″
Track Width: 94″
Front Suspension: Dual Jimco Racing A-arms, hubs and spindles. Fox 3.0 14″ coil-overs and 4.4 14″ bypass shocks.  22″ of travel.
Rear Suspension: Jimco Racing 4-link with 30″ of travel. Fox 3.0 16″ coil-overs and 4.4 18″ bypass shocks and Cactus Coolers. Fox 2.5 bumpstops
Engine: Ford 442 small-block V8, Dougan’s Racing Engines. 705hp
Transmission: Mogi Turbo 400
Fuel Cell: 70 gallon Fuel Safe
Steering: Howe power steering, 3.0 Truggy rack
Tires: BFGoodrich 39″ Projects
Wheels: Walker Evans 17×8 beadlocks
Interior: Italian leather interior by Mike’s Upholstery, Larry Storck built dash, Motec digital display, Momo steering wheel, Winters Shifter
Seats: MasterCraft Safety ProSeats with Impact restraints
Brakes: Baer six-piston calipers, 14″ rotors
Communication: Palomar Communications race radio
Navigation: Dual Lowrance GPS units
Cooling: C&R radiator and oil coolers, Fluidine transmission coolers
Extras: Power operated light bar adjustment,  3 fan radiator & 3 single fan oil coolers,  All parts 3D modeled and laser cut, Custom 2012 Ford Raptor fiberglass body
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  • April 18, 2013
this awesome car.the best car, the best driver.
  • A
  • June 24, 2013
is an amazing car. I have a question where they buy the fibersglass
  • O
    omar contreras
  • October 8, 2014
fiber werx