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APRIL FOOLS: Robby Gordon Motorsports and Geiser Bros Set To Merge In Monumental Deal


This story is our attempt at an April Fools Joke. We hope everyone was entertained.



Robby Gordon Motorsports and Geiser Bros Set To Merge In Monumental Deal

For Immediate Release:

April 1, 2012

Phoenix, AZ – After months of negotiation, Robby Gordon Motorsports and Geiser Bros. have reached a deal that will merge both of the industry leading businesses into one. Geiser Bros. which has long been an industry leader in off-road vehicle development will keep its production at its Phoenix, AZ facility. Robby Gordon Motorsports will merge with Geiser Bros and operate out of the same location in Phoenix.

The goal of this merger is to produce the best products in the world. Robby Gordon who has been building vehicles since he was a kid has built many off-road vehicles over the years with great success, including his Trophy Trucks. Along with the chassis, Robby also builds some of his own parts including his internal bypass coil over shocks. Rick and Jeff Geiser feel that by merging some of the technology from RGM and Geiser together they will have an unstoppable vehicle that will not lose in the desert.

Production of a new trophy truck has been under way for several months. Some of the noted differences from a standard Geiser will be a mid-engine design. RGM feels that the mid-engine is a key to their success over the years. According to Robby Gordon, “With my design ideas incorporated with an already successful Geiser Bros. chassis we will have a truck like no one has seen before, along with our 40″ Toyo Tires we will be atop the podium every race we enter.” Another key part of the new truck will be the use of the RGM patented shock system. It will be the first Geiser Bros. truck to run an internal bypass coil over. The new truck is set to debut at the famed SCORE Baja 1000 race later this year. “I am sure after the 1000 we will be getting orders for this new truck from people such as BJ Baldwin and Andy McMillin.” says Rick Geiser.

Geiser Bros. and RGM will both be keeping their full staff in the merger because they feel that is a key part of keeping both of them successful. Rick Geiser says, “Cutting staff was not an option for this merger, we are not going to let someone go who has been a part of our success over the years.”

All of this was helped by the success Robby Gordon has had so far this season in the RPM/SPEED truggy that he has been racing in the Best In The Desert Series. He has two overall victories in the first two races of the season. “We are batting one thousand for the season and don’t plan on stopping until we win every race this season.” says Robby Gordon.

The merger will be effective immediately and both shops are already making the merge/move.


  1. This merger is the greatest offroad deal in history. I can not wait to see what comes of it.
    A meeting of the minds!! GREAT JOB GUYS!

  2. If what I heard is correct, Hudson Hall will also be bringing his skills to the team. No stopping that team now!

  3. Just like Justin Bieber racing a T/T and Score and BITD merging to sanction a race last year! Nice one guys!

  4. Nice going guys… had me up until a reminder from Chad Rangland on Twitter about what day it was… well played. Do you know where I can get some of those Racing Depend’s? ;)


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