Robby Gordon RC Traxxas Hummer Caption Contest

Good luck everyone, the contest is closed now and we will announce a winner this week! and Traxxas teamed up to give away one of the new Robby Gordon Speed Energy Hummer RC cars. Comment on this post with your caption for the photo below for a chance to win. The contest ends this Monday and the RDC crew will pick the winner shortly after.

We will pick among those comments with the highest thumbs-ups next to them.

Good luck!

Comment in this post with your caption for a chance to win!


Win this Traxxas RC Hummer!


276 comments on “Robby Gordon RC Traxxas Hummer Caption Contest
  1. joe orozco says:

    “im up against that thing over there…. Its a mini for crying out loud!”

  2. lenny cichon says:

    Hey Look! It’s Nasser on the outside! It’s OK to quit 2 years in a row.

  3. Mark Mulliner says:

    Here Mini, Mini, Mini!

  4. Attila Csató says:


  5. “Hey, did you fart? Yeeeaahhh you did hehehehe”

  6. Derrick says:

    Im a little tea pot

  7. Shawn says:

    “ha ha ha, i passed him……and him……and him……and that Bugly……oh and i think we flipped him the bird…”

  8. Adam Golling says:

    Lol! You Over There! You can beat your A$$ we are coming back next year to Kick Some A$$!

  9. Chelsea L. Sapp says:


  10. Joel says:

    Hey Stephane, pull my finger.

  11. Jr Curtis says:

    Hey you, you owe my 5 bucks I told you Nasser would dnf again!!!

  12. Brian says:

    No,No You Da Man !!!

  13. Timothy Allen Marton Jr says:

    Monster doesn’t make your mini look bigger

  14. daniel blackwood says:

    Haha. Peter Hansel just tripped on his Mini.

  15. project648 says:

    “hey can you grab me a Red Bull?”

  16. Scott says:

    ” I see Mark Miller over ther. Ask him how his Dakar went.”

  17. Fabian Medina says:

    I’m the Off Road King!!!

  18. TylerL says:

    Look at how cute the mini and bugly look together!

  19. Lucas Pincheira says:

    Peter to people like the show, look at all these cameras haha

  20. Gwen Everidge says:

    Hey Peter your going down this year! I’m going to run you over with my Bad Boy Hummer!!

  21. Rick says:

    Hey I remember you , you and Todd fixed my truck near Bahia de Los Angeles after I launched my truck into a large cactus and blew out all my Carbon Fiber power steering lines, Brake lines, and air line shifter and promised you all the braided line you need or better yet a Traxxas R/C Car !

  22. Joe says:

    With my TOYO TIRES & SPEED ENERGY DRINK I said I would be the 1st one to cross finish line”……

  23. Joe Sevilla says:

    So you took that picture of my truck upside down! LMAO

  24. JR Ramirez says:

    “I’m here to beat that little mini bit#@”

  25. brad williams says:

    Hey, I got this mini stuck in my tailpipe, I couldn’t stop laughing at how small it is.

  26. Mike Covey says:

    I beat You, and you, and oh ya i used to race with Monster, but Mines Better…haha

  27. John Chownyk says:

    Those cars aren’t race cars,there grocery getters for old farts

  28. Carlos says:

    hummmm!!! I need one to fix Da..Kar….

  29. Shawn B says:

    Kiss my ass! We will destroy the minis next year!

  30. Jake Parrigan says:

    “Speed Energy+Traxxas+Robby Gordon= Unstoppable!”

  31. RMS says:

    “There’s the guy who told me to GasOn over the dune where we rolled”

  32. Justas Sidlauskas says:

    Look over there…it’s a bird…it’s a plane, no its Traxxas RC Hummer!

  33. Renan Pebe says:

    Hey Peter Hansel come on I will wait you in Baja 1000. taste it!!! you with your Mini , and me only my Traxxas RC Hummer.. you will eat powder

  34. Kerry Horner says:

    When i win this rally next year, right over there is where i will be doing victory dounts. You can take that to the bank!!!

  35. Christian says:

    Is this Hansel Peters MiMiMi Mini? No this is Speeeeeeeeeeed

  36. Chris pack says:

    “I’m a little teapot short and stout this is my hummer and ill tell you what it’s all about ” lol

  37. Jack Foley says:

    “Let me tell you a little story about SST the greatest thing since doritos locos taco’s!!”

  38. Thomas Engrav says:

    “Haha, you’re the one that made the dune on Stage 4 steeper, just for me? Hahahaha, no Speed Energy for you……”

  39. Daniel Gillis says:

    I scare you by eating dunes one at a time!!!

  40. Kathy Sliwinski says:

    “Hey, I can see a tire deflation valve in the side of your manifold from here!”

  41. John says:

    You sir need some speed energy and toyo tires then we can race

  42. Tshelton says:

    American Muscle for the Dakar Huscle.

  43. you call that a drink !!!!!!

  44. Christy Schroeder says:

    Christy Schroeder via Speed Energy Drink
    Nothing more beautiful than seeing this orange Hummer leading the field,wherever it is in the world,with Robby Gordon,the most talented racer on this earth,at the wheel.

  45. 951Prerun says:

    “See…..hahaha…..I told you Nasser wasn’t going to finish”

  46. Kyle says:

    After this I’m headed to Parker, and monsters on the menu.

  47. robby peterson says:

    “hey you over there, ya you!! buy the traxxas RG hummer. it can rool multiple times with no damage and when it gets stuck and you kick the #$%* out of it like i do, it will no longer be stuck and still undamaged!?!?!?”

  48. SiCric says:

    “Hey you…Save me a piece of that Corn for later”

  49. Eric says:

    The bathroom is over there, next to Peterhansel.

  50. Terie says:

    YOU! with the Monster can..OUT!! can’t you read? It says SPEED ENERGY on the Hummer.

  51. Chris Livingston says:

    “Right over there is where I yard sailed off a dune onto the lid”

  52. John Clarke says:

    You get one egg and, before you know it, you’ve got chickens there.. and there.. and buggies there… and girl cars there… and there

  53. I’m coming back next year, stronger and better! I’ll take that trophy and your little mini too!!!!

  54. Chuck Collins says:

    Hey you, in the Mini! I know what your thinking. Yes, I am the world famous Robby Gordon and you don’t have a chance.

  55. Ivan says:


  56. Stone says:

    “Oh, you’re looking for the guy who didn’t build, doesn’t own and can’t fix his race car? Yeah he’s over there. No not Nasser, he owns the team, but is better at quitting. I’m talking about Peterhansel next to that girl’s car.”

  57. Laura says:

    Hey! Miller, where’s my autographed copy of Dash?

  58. Baja Don says:

    See you in Parker next week, lets see how tough you and your Mini’s are in the USA

  59. adamstrachan says:

    i’m trying not to laugh but is that the mini over there?

  60. Mark Grossmeier says:

    HEY…Is that one of those MINI things…When do the clowns come out! I LOVE CLOWNS. Nassar you in there?

  61. Tim says:

    We’re hoping to carry some of this momentum to the Tubawater 4.25 backyard challenge in Parker this year.

  62. claudio says:

    quisiera este espectacular auto ….en especial por ser de robby gordon ….aguante el hammer y tambien robby gordon !!!!!!

  63. Mike says:

    “Next question from the reporter in the back. Oh sorry, Nasser. Didn’t realize that was you.”

  64. hahaha… YOU want some of ME??

  65. Tony Cerone says:

    Yeahh see those guys over there…I’ve got them covered!

  66. adamstrachan says:

    hey i want the head lines to read “Robby Gordon American Rebel”

  67. PWR MAD says:

    Am I fast? yeah, just ask that little whimpy French guy

  68. Ray says:

    “Hey” tell youre momma i’ll be there in a bit , running a little late!!! chow,chow

  69. adamstrachan says:

    hey peterhansel i see you over there playing with my new new Traxxas rc Hummer

  70. John Clarke says:

    You, over there, you think thats funny? I just fired Kellon for laughing at me. #AnotherNavigatorAnotherYear

  71. Jacob Riffel says:

    Hey look its those French assholes…. Yeah I beat them! Next year I am going to kick thier asses and win the whole DAKAR! EAT MY DUST FRENCH!

  72. renecap says:

    they might call peter over there mr dakar…well my pops is BAJA BOB!!! see you guys in 2014

  73. shlebySCT says:

    I just want it for its body mmmm

  74. Greg Jackson says:

    haha See you next year Mini Monster, Better have some SPEED cause I’ll be back!

  75. Mike says:

    See, over there behind you, thats where the dunes are that are going to blow this race for me. And another total surprise, I will admit I blew it, and not blame anybody else.

  76. Matthew Baker says:


  77. Chris Golding says:

    HAHA Check out Mark Miller

  78. HNunez says:

    Hey look at all those mini rc cars.. O wait those are their race cars..

  79. Look at Peter,and his mini

  80. Matt G. says:

    Those drivers need to drink some SPEED to keep up with me!

  81. Look at peter next next to his girls car.

  82. doug west says:

    Badges? we don’t need no stinking badges!

  83. Look at Peter next to his girls car

  84. Savage says:

    Hey, look. There goes Nasser headed home – AGAIN!

  85. Matt says:

    I’m a little tea cup short and is my handle here is my spout!

  86. jpbart says:

    Hey, is that Mark Miller over there?

  87. justin Lockwood says:

    Hey everybody I just Found Waldo! There you are i see you! Best Day ever

  88. John Clarke says:

    You don’t know who I am?…don’t make me laugh!

  89. Justin cosby says:

    Hey look, other cars are finally coming in.

  90. Shaun says:

    You sir, can suck on my mic!

  91. Johnny Wedell says:

    “All I wanted was that trophy right there, I wanted to win Dakar!”

  92. Robert says:

    “I eat Mini’s for breakfast. This guy knows what I am talking about.”

  93. Brian Davis says:

    You guys watch this…” Hey Nasser! Go pack your bags and I’ll take you to the airport. I’ll drive…”

  94. George Gutierrez says:

    there he goes! the guys that one this years traxxas rc hummer.

    • Cody D says:

      “Face it, Love me or hate me, I’m going to give you a damn good show and drive the wheels off it.”

      Robby Gordon

  95. George Gutierrez says:

    there he goes! the guy that won this year caption comment for the traxxas hummer.

  96. Jason Jackson says:

    “can you believe they cancelled stages for Pepe le Pew over there cause it rained?! Haha!!”

  97. brian says:

    look over there at all the losing drivers . my hummers the best.

  98. Mario Pancino says:

    That’s cute, he thinks that Mini will beat my trophy truck in the Baja 1000.

  99. Leo W says:

    Found’em! Thats Waldo right there.

  100. Matt Desrocher says:

    “look, one of jefferies car finally made it to the finish, on a tow truck”

  101. randy kellett says:

    hey you,peterhansel want to take gretal for a ride in my hummer..ha ha

  102. Rene says:

    Viva la France!!!!! hahahahaha!!! just kidding!!!
    Hey PeterTonto!! see you next year!!!

  103. Rob Laxson says:

    “Hey! I know that dude, he tried to drive one of my Hummers last year.”

  104. Matthew Daines says:

    That’s where the Robby Gordon Speed Energy Hummer will be next year in the Dakar 2014, on the podium in 1st place!

  105. Mario Naranjo says:

    “I don’t know ask my wife she’s over there”

  106. Steve Ricci says:

    Ha Ha Ha Nasser you won’t even make it half way in that Buggly!…..Again.

  107. DAVE HORWATH says:

    Hey, wise guy, let’s see YOU man up & try it!

  108. Gómez Tuesta Franklin M says:

    Robby Gordon excelente adrenalina pura y extrema, como speed energy drink!

  109. Gómez Tuesta Franklin M says:

    Robby Gordon and extreme excellent pure adrenaline, as speed energy drink!

  110. DAVE HORWATH says:

    Hey, you, ya won the contest last year…get the hell outta here!

  111. Sam says:

    .. check out my “mic”..

  112. Taylor Morford says:

    See, if my restrictor was bigger than my finger I coulda powered through that dune back there on day one and blipped the throttle so I didnt go ass over tea kettle on day five.

  113. Ryan says:

    Ain’t nobody gonna tell me how to win the Dakar! Especially you.

  114. Preston Brigman says:

    Yeah I know Burger king is behind me. But what is on that corner over there? HaHaHa these guys don’t understand a lick of English.

  115. zach sizelove says:

    Hey you, save me a piece of the corn.

  116. Paul says:

    You save some of that corn for me eh!

  117. Rick Lance says:

    “That guy right their with the Qatar sticker on his car……. HE SUCKS!! HAHAHAHAHA”

  118. Steve Ricci says:

    Hey trophy girl… There’s two b’s in ROBBY….

  119. Somer McElvain says:

    HEY Peterhansel your fly’s down hahaha!

  120. Mike says:

    Hey Nasser, next year you can drive my Traxxas RC Hummer and atleast finish the Dakar!

  121. Jason Jackson says:

    “So these Frenchy’s kept saying i was just like Lance Armstrong saying Im cheating them too, and I was like no way man cause they’re both still down there!”

  122. Samshaft says:

    If my Hummer went as well as the Traxxas one I’d have five Dakar wins by now

  123. doug renfro says:

    Mr. race official, I have a complaint…..Nasser stole my finisher pins out of the Hummer.

  124. Hydrokeith says:

    Redbull? That’s so 90’s!

  125. Dwight Stewart says:

    “Aey Wise Guy, so you think you coulda done better?”

  126. Michael Schultz says:

    nascar is that way we are racing real cars here

  127. Bob says:

    Eeehhhhhhh Now Thats BUGLY

  128. Cody D says:

    “Face it, Love me or hate me, I’m going to give you a damn good show and drive the wheels off it.”

    Robby Gordon

  129. Clint says:

    Hey, Is that Peterhansel leaving with my girl friend?

  130. Hey! That’s my Traxxas RC Hummer, I won’t trade it for your Llama!

  131. Todd says:

    And Nasser cried ” wee wee wee all the home….”

  132. Gary says:

    “Ya’ Peter I got you, Ha-Ha-Ha….!!! I placed your trophy in the front seat of my Hummer.

  133. Keith Clark says:

    Next time, I will hit that dune at an angle and with some speed. I don’t know what I was thinking.

  134. Steve Hughes says:

    Awe, comeon, you know I look just as good upside down.

  135. Tyrone says:

    “Oh No you didn’t”

  136. Dirtheadz says:

    “Yes sir, I eat dirt and fart dust!” excuse me . . . “Hey you in the back!!!” I need more cowbell!!!

  137. michealB says:

    Yes you over there ya im number ONE!!!

  138. Daniel Munoz says:

    “see that guy over there, he can still kiss my ass”

  139. Ron Blevins says:

    Call me Jeff again, and the business end of your camera is goin up your ass!!!

  140. Chase says:

    “Didn’t I see you in my rear view mirror?”

  141. Dallas says:

    “Yeah, we rolled over right there… and there…. oh and here too.”

  142. Karina says:

    I was doing front flips over the mini and got carried away…

  143. Harley says:

    Tell yo momma I said, ” Heyyyyyy!”

  144. Mike says:

    Hey Nasser, I finished and you didnt! neener neener.

  145. Scott Hixson says:

    Hey peterhansel, your cars not the only thing thats “mini” buddy !!!!

  146. BL says:

    HEY NASSER! na na na na, hey hey hey, Gooooddddbyyyyyyeeeeeeee

  147. Jennifer says:

    Hey look, Nasser’s over there loading up. Enjoy watching me race the second half of the Dakar like last year!!!

  148. jon says:

    hey walker is that you?

  149. Richard Krueger says:

    Hey you in the back….. you to shut up!

  150. Tommy D says:

    See with a little more *SPEED* this Hummers gunna kick your asses next year.

  151. Rudy says:

    “there by the mini, thats the man who kissed my ass…”

  152. dan200 says:

    Doughnuts are played out. Now I’m into front flips.

  153. Travis says:

    Ha ha I told you i would smoked you Nasser in your bugglly

  154. Mike F says:

    I’m a little tea pot. Short and stout. Here is my handle and here is my spout.

  155. Mike F says:

    Hey Robby! Is that a mic or are you just happy to see me?

  156. Al Bisig says:

    “Damn! That’s a cold ass honkey.”

  157. Sergio Duron says:

    -Ha, I Bet You Thought My Tire Inflation System Was Gonna Help Me Win This One –

  158. jerry says:

    Hey SNOOKI put down the WHOPPER and lets go for a ride.

  159. ace says:

    Hey look,there goes my Dakar career with my NASCAR career!

  160. Jose Carballo says:

    hey look guys peterhansel addeded some flowers to his girl car , I mean mini cooper

  161. Alex says:

    ……Yeah, im gonna try and jump that there ramp….i do it every year….

  162. Scott Babcock says:

    Just keeping it on the down low, next year even better = Geiser + Hummer TEAM

  163. Darren rude says:

    I will win Dakar next year, bet on it! Off to win Parker.

  164. danny perales says:

    Funny guy,…. NO the Traxxas Hummer doesn’t have a built in flipping question please.

  165. Tawny Vanis says:

    Whoever can hold it the longest and not lift is the winner….minis are for girls….you need SPEED to win…Lol, Robby your the true American Rebel..xoxo

  166. trevorh says:

    hey Joe if your going to Burger King Get me a whopper value meal with a Dr. Pepper

  167. Bryan Cole says:

    “Look at the girl in the MINI”

  168. Cuban_B says:

    F-You, F-You, F-You, Your COOL, F-U………I’m OUT!!!!

  169. Austin Cook says:

    I want you for the the Speed Energy American Rebel Dakar team!!!

  170. Ryan says:

    Hey guys, that’s not the only thing mini in that Mini Cooper

  171. Cory says:

    (Burger King behind) Hey Peterhansel, go buy Nassar a wham burger and some French cries!

  172. cory says:

    And then I told that guy(Peterhansel) , my hummer s**t one of those minis last night!

  173. nobrakes says:

    you guys wana race parker?

  174. MJ says:

    Already been Dakar tested too . Robby had 1 with him and drove it around the desert during off-time .

  175. Kenny says:

    ” Ha I uh don’t have time for that question. You! Next…”

  176. renecap says:

    ok thats a good one back there… uhh im still going to disney land!

  177. Ryry says:

    Listen, it’s better to loose the anchor than the whole ship big boy ha ha ha!

  178. XterraRacer says:

    “Look here comes 2nd place”

  179. XterraRacer says:

    “Is that PISTOL PETE, I thought he was banned from here too!”

  180. kevin soder says:

    no really, pull my finger

  181. Money Mike says:

    “You there!! Yes…you…with the big tits!…Victory sex…NOW”

  182. victor lievanos says:

    You’re right! i will kick every bodies ass next year!

    ONLY YOU can prevent the french from winning DAKAR!

  183. hey you little kid back there you wanna be my teamate for next dakar you will be better than nasser

  184. Hey is that you nasser well last year you was my teamate now I can say that you and your buggly can kiss my ass !!

  185. Cory Blommers says:

    The only thing Traxxas could not scale down was my skill, can you handle it?

  186. Andrew M says:

    That’s funny! I thought you guys knew! 2012 was my final practice run at Dakar. 2013 is when we are really going to try!

  187. Nate says:

    Next question…. Yes you with the furry nose

  188. Wayne says:

    Saying,,,”Ha HA HA,,,,,Yaah next question please” while thinking (Ha HA HA YA I would like to kick your ASS)

  189. Shane Theiss says:

    You in the back, You, Yes you O hey Nassir Get your ” Buggy ” off the Rocks yet? Oh thats cute..

  190. Rayboy says:

    si! that means yes!

  191. Derik wooddell says:

    Even my balls are big enough to codrive this one..

  192. Kevin Meyer says:

    Two tubby blokes on a bike can never catch me!

  193. Vance says:

    Fast is good Speed is better!

  194. Jason says:

    “Hey….if that’s my 5 hours over there….can I get it back?

  195. The Most Interesting Robby Gordon Fan in the World says:

    It’s not often when he goes off roading in South America, but when he does, thousands line the course to cheer him on and they call it the Dakar!

  196. Adam D. says:

    Hey you in the back ……hope ur prepared to see tail lights cuz this me and the speed energy trucks never get to see any of those !

  197. David says:

    REPORTER: So if Mini’s are for girls… and you just got beat by a Mini…. Does that kinda mean… you got beat by a girl?
    ROBBY: Ah..Ha Ha… Yeah good one…Hilarious…….. ass hole.

  198. TrevorHeid says:

    Ya actully I could have on a tighter driving Suit!

  199. Ernesto Morales says:

    Hey guys, Look at Nasser’s ugly buggy!!!!!

  200. Daniel says:

    lol…Good one back there…”NO…..the Traxxas RC Hummer is not equipped with a self roll over Mechanism” next question please.

  201. Sean Stevenson says:

    I bet you can’t guess what is going to coming out of my mouth next…Ok ok I’ll tell you…TROPHY TRUCK. I use it like the F’word…A LOT!

  202. 2012SPEED says:

    Hey you Nasser, I sent you my Dakar shirt with the BULL and the Monster eating my dust!! you’re the one that bailed not me so a deal is a deal and wear it.

  203. jesusfregozo says:

    Robby Gordon is the best of the best !!!:)

  204. jesusfregozo says:

    The buggies were no match for robby and his hummer at the Dakar 2013

  205. Ernesto says:

    I love You too, random citizen!

  206. harold says:

    Oh ya? Well my dad can driver faster than your dad……….

  207. stew says:

    Man go to bed with itchy butt… Man wake up with stinky finger

  208. cesar says:

    Ha ha ha ha !! very funny (in his mind he’s really thinking you dick head!)

  209. Dave M. says:

    Yep, I got your ‘MONSTER’ hangin’ …

  210. Pete says:

    YEAH! Well pull this finger! See what roosts your silly ride!!

  211. frank glez says:

    Ok averybody let’s do the macarena before i go to baja

  212. Sean Stevenson says:

    I bet you don’t know what word I am thinking of….Ok ok …I’ll tell you…TROPHY TRUCK…. I use it like the F’word.

  213. mike brue says:

    Hey, put that little thing back in your pants!

  214. Mike Kjenstad says:

    You wanna see the rebel (gangnam style)!!

  215. Rob says:

    Yo, I am the man

  216. David says:

    We were going up this dune and at this point, I’m feeling pretty confident. . .

  217. Mike F says:

    Hey Nassar! Pull my finger!

  218. MikeJ says:

    Yeah would have run better but that guy over there got in my way

  219. Jason Jackson says:

    That looks fuzzy, let me touch it!!

  220. TylerL says:

    Hey look, that girl thought that mini was hers.

  221. Justin Felix says:

    Hey Peter its alright come race stadium super trucks and i’ll show you whats up!!!

  222. Tony says:

    And I tell you minis are for pussy’s horse power rules…..Just saying

  223. Alan Campoy says:

    Yo quiero taco Bell!!!

  224. Erik brown says:

    Is that max I see I heard u were the next Robby Gordon according to the rdc forum,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha

  225. Bob says:

    Thats my speed energy you have there sir !

  226. Dave says:

    Hey look! It’s a damn Mini and the guy drivin it is wearin a Mini skirt to match! See I told you Mini’s were for girls!!!

  227. David says:

    REPORTER: So if Mini’s are for girls… and you got beat by a Mini…. Does that kinda mean… you just got beat by a girl?
    ROBBY: Ah..Ha Ha… Yeah good one…Hilarious……..

  228. Scott says:

    Hey Peterhanzel, your rides not the on thing “mini”

  229. dave wilcher says:

    You go girl! Nasser wanta drive for me next year? Sike!

  230. dave wilcher says:

    Two mini drivers walk in to a bar….

  231. Brawny says:

    look over there at Nasser crying cause my hummer finished and his buggy didnt

  232. Hey Nasser! You see this mic by my crotch?! It’s going up your ASS in a minute!!!

  233. John Richards says:

    I’m telling you, I will be back, & I will win this race!

  234. Tanner says:

    “Ayyy!” (Fonzie voice)

  235. Christy says:

    If you don’t let me win I am going to have to call Clyde

  236. jensen says:

    “READ MY LIPS, my hummer is better than yours!”

  237. Wayne Lacher says:

    Why dont all you dorks come to Baja in June and we’ll see what you really got!!!!

  238. Andy says:

    “You can kiss my ass too!”

  239. Robby Armienta says:

    Hey Robby !
    It’s true, SPEED is better than monster…

  240. Brant says:

    Buglies on Nasser! I mean burgers…and I will have it my way!

  241. Yuccin says:

    You wanna see the rebels gangnam style?

  242. Jason Jackson says:

    Hey you, pull my finger! Haha

  243. Todd Lopez says:

    And I love you, random citizen!

  244. Scott says:

    Traxxas has reverse

  245. Shaun Breiland says:

    I told you I can spot a Burger King anywhere in the world!

  246. Rayboy says:

    you right! your son does look like me

  247. Rayboy says:

    this is the truck stop.. the drug stop is back there!

  248. MARIO PONCE says:

    “hay you” you look fine”

  249. david says:

    please im a huge robby gordon fan please let me win it , god bless you

  250. Ironknot says:

    We were driving up this sand dune and at this point I was feeling pretty confident. . .

  251. Chuck says:

    You want my car and my team, it’s for sale! One BILLLLLLIiiiiiiiiooonnn DOllars! I’d stick my pinky by my mouth but I don’t want copyright issues with Mr Powers. I saw him riding a specialized once, am I allowed to say specialized?

  252. Rob says:

    I know people will pick up on this speed energy for life gang sign sooner or later!
    Robby thinking “maybee if I painted my thumb and finger orange they would get it”?

  253. Bryan Bruner says:

    Hey you, yeah you, the one with the bowling shoes, what was your score.

  254. MARK ROSE says:


  255. Derek says:

    “I was like, Pew Pew Pew……Merica”!

  256. Leroy Rojas says:

    Don’t believe we ran out of toilet paper? Smell this!!

  257. Jason Jackson says:

    Yeah, this is Speed energy’s equivalent to the Captain Morgan pose! You try it! Haha

  258. Garrett says:

    “The car..handled real goo..It felt like I was on a space ship. I’m not really sure what to do with my hands…”

  259. greg says:

    its your turn drive wash it. i did it last time

  260. mike hardaway says:

    this is Drakkar !!!, not burger king, you can’t have it your way !

  261. Luis Arroyos says:

    Dakar 2013 is over!!
    Neext question!!

  262. Jason S. says:

    Time to give Manti Te’os girlfriend a wet willy!

  263. GUNNER KENNEDY says:

    Hey there’s Nasser in his cute little buggly !!!! hahahahaha

  264. Kevin Self says:

    Heyyy Which way did he go george

  265. jesse says:

    Yeah !!!! i own all those buildings and trucks over there .

  266. Ivan Esteban says:

    Baja is that way !!!

  267. Tom Kibler says:

    American Rebels Burnt Orange Bad Ass

  268. MATT RICHARDSON says:

    Ha Ha you funny guy!! My chick didn’t die did she?

  269. Renecap says:

    Renecap should default out due to cheating!!!!!!

  270. Wheaton 56 says:

    “Hahaha….and YOU thought Nassar was going to finish, goood one”

  271. Curtis Guise says:

    Good luck everyone, contest is closed now. We will announce the winner this week!

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