Robby Gordon IS OUT

We wrongly reported earlier that Robby is able to continue the race after his late Stage start earlier but now have official word from A.S.O. that unfortunately #303 Robby Gordon is a withdraw.

Sorry for all the confusion.

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Robbie Gordon will start tomorrow’s stage, with an as yet undetermined penalty for being late to the start applied overnight. The Speed Hummer will already have the time it was late added to its tally from the stage, but further penalties may be applied.

Immediately after leaving a conference with officials, Gordon told us that he always intended to do the stage. “Yeah we did the stage,” he said. “We got all the way points and check points, but we don’t know what the penalty for being late to the start will be yet. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.”

With a race win realistically out of reach, Gordon says there is still a lot to prove in Chile. “There is no reason we can’t run with those cars here in Chile and it just sucks that we had those mistakes in Argentina,” Gordon said. “We knew we would probably get beat in Argentina, but in Chile we will most likely win.”

Gordon will now chase stage wins on what has been a particularly troublesome Dakar.