Robby Woods Pro-2

Every now and then a driver rises up from the ranks of Middle America to represent the common man.  Dale Earnhardt clearly had this appeal.  The every day guy identified with him and felt Dale represented them in their daily struggle to make it against all odds.  Robby Woods is one of those drivers, or at least he has the potential to become not only a galvanizing force in off-road racing, but a hero to the world.  Embracing the build it and run it mentality Robby not only builds his own truck, but he does most of the prep work himself.  Saving up money from collecting scrap metal at his family towing yard business to build his truck, Robby is a self-made example of the American “We can do it!” attitude.  What he lacks in polish and experience he makes up for in pure desire to be one of the best.

Check out Robby this weekend on Powerblock TV airing October 9th and 10th at 10:00am to 12:00pm est.

Robby is sponsored by Lucas Oil – Slick Mist, General Tire and Superchips.

Here is a look at Robby’s self-built Pro-2.

From the Mad Media archives. Photography Vince Knakal/Mad Media