Robert Pheil – 1400 Toyota Prerunner –

Robert Pheil – 1400 Toyota Prerunner

Robert Pheil
Builder:Robert Pheil
Chassis:Toyota Tacoma
Wheel Base:123″
Track Width:85″
Front Suspension:A-Arm Camburg Race Kit 17″ travel 10″ 2.5 SAW Coilover, 10″ 2.5 SAW Bypasss
Rear Suspension:Custom 3 link, 28″ Travel, 16″ 3.0″ SAW Bypass, 14″ 2.5″SAW Coilover
Engine:Chevy 6.0L LQ4
Transmission:Hughes Performance TH-400
Fuel Cell:32 Gallon Fuel Safe
Ignition:Stock Chevy
Tires:35″ Goodyear MTR
Wheels:KMC Enduro beadlocks
Seats:Beard Ultra
Brakes:Wilwood 4 Piston Ultralight
Wiring:Gecko Race Wire
Extra:Vision X Lights


  1. I hope the “back up/amber” light switch isn’t the running “dust” light. Isn’t that supposed to go directly to the ignition so you can’t turn it off during a race?

  2. The “back up amber” is just in case the running dust light that is wired to the ignition for some reason would fail, hence the label “back up amber”

  3. Troy Robinson- The “back up/amber” switch only activates the low brightness setting of the LED lamps. When “Ignition” is switched on, it activates the high brightness of the LED lamps. Thanks for your concern!

  4. Let me know if you need any help in the shop.I am a 3rd generation machinest who loves yotas and chevy power.Willing to learn whatever your willing to teach.Thanks

  5. nice looking truck but I was wondering who or what is gecko race wire. I am in the market for someone to wire my F150 probably not as extensive as yours cause mine is a daily driver keeping computer and everything. If you could get back to me I would appreciate it.

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