Roberts Racing Between Rocks And A Hard Place At Henderson 250

Roberts Racing 2015 BITD Henderson 250 PR

Roberts Racing Between Rocks And A Hard Place At Henderson 250

Henderson, NV

Rocks, rocks, and more rocks greeted Roberts Racing at the final event of the Best In The Desert series in Henderson, Nevada. The Henderson 250 course layout was suited to Trick Truck driver Dale Dondel with long, fast, straight sections that would allow Dale to drive in his comfort zone; wide open. Dale is always one of the fastest during qualifying but the team had a mechanical issue that caused them to miss time trials. They would have to start in the rear of the 33 unlimited car and truck field; it put them in a bit of a hard place. The rocks are merciless but it was the thick dust that caused much of the carnage. Drivers had to run a fine line around the course; having a great co-driver was critical.

Roberts Racing 2015 BITD Henderson 250 PR1

Regardless of the challenge, the Roberts Racing team is always eager to take it on. From the drop of the green flag, they caught and passed anyone in their way. Even a grapefruit sized rock to Dale’s helmet did not slow them down. “A huge rock flew in and tagged Dale right in the face,” said co-driver Mike Dondel, “I asked if he was ok but he didn’t answer. His hands were still on the wheel when I called out the next corner and he nailed it, so we just kept going. When Dale is in kill mode, nothing gets to him.”

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The blow gave Dale a fat lip and left a huge mark on his carbon fiber helmet but he didn’t skip a beat. They stopped for fuel and tires and the crew had them out in 39 seconds. As the laps went by, the track got better and Dale got faster. The team was using BJ Baldwin as a marker to gage their speed. On lap one, they were 15 minutes behind BJ. On lap two, they cut it to 12. On the final lap the gap was only 3 minutes. The team put their heads down and worked from deep in the field to finish in eighth place; passing 20 or so cars and trucks along the way.

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“This truck ran strong,” said team owner Jared Roberts, “This was a fantastic way to end our first full season in the Best in the Desert series. I was concerned when Dale got hit by that rock but we take safety very seriously in everything we do. Dale was wearing a state of the art, carbon fiber helmet and neck restraint. For all the work we’ve put into making the truck fast, we’ve also spent time on perfecting our chase trucks and practicing our pit stops; it’s a total team effort. I’m very excited about 2016. We have some incredible new technology in the works that will add a new dimension to the team and help spotlight our sponsors;, Toyo Tires, Specialized Automation Services, Racer Engineering, MOMO, King Shocks, KC HiLites, Howe Power Steering and F&L Racing Fuel. We decided to load the truck and head to Laughlin this weekend for the SNORE McKenzie’s Rage At The River. We can’t wait to run the truck in anger for a few more miles.”

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Racing gets under way on Friday when the team will qualify for starting position on a specially prepared course at Rage at the River. For all the latest info about Roberts Racing, be sure to head over to where you will find news, photos, videos and a full report after every event.

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