Rollover Recovery Challenge

Want FREE money?

Whether you are out on the trail or competing in a race rolling your car is not only a total bummer, but it can put you in a dangerous situation. Stuck alone with little or no help, for who knows how long. Waiting & hoping someone will stop to roll you back over. Not a situation you want to find yourself or a loved one in. Unless you have the Electric Jack.

A true multi-function trail tool, the Electric Jack can get you back on your wheels in just minutes. With the push of a switch, anyone can roll their car back on its wheels. And to prove it, we’re issuing a challenge today.

All you have to do is roll your vehicle back on its wheels, with your AGM Electric Jack. Fastest time gets their AGM Electric Jack paid for by us!

That’s right! FREE money. Who wants an extra $1200 for the holidays. Submit your videos on or before December 15th to be eligible to win!

Challenge rules
– Can only use the AGM Electric Jack (no other jacks accepted)
– One person recovery only. No outside assistance allowed
– Video must be continuous with no cuts or edits
– Must be full size 2 or 4 seat UTV (660 or larger, no children’s models allowed)
– Vehicle must be on its side, touching the ground prior to recovery. No props  or supports of any kind allowed
– Recovery must be performed on a level or near level surface
– Recovery must be clear and visible, in frame at all times
– Time starts when you touch the Jack and ends when the wheels touch the ground and vehicle is again upright.
– Must use some type of object to support vehicle/prevent vehicle from failing during and in between lifts (i.e.- the spare tire) Safety first guys!
– Post you time to Instagram or facebook and tag us @allgermanmotorsports
– Submit your video by one of the following methods –
1. Upload video to YouTube and email link to
2. WeTransfer, Drop Box or use other filing sharing
service to share video with us at
3. Post to your Google images account and share with us at
– Fastest time submitted wins $1200.00 dollars paid to you
– 2nd & 3rd place will receive swag and/or Electric Jack accessories

Click here to order yours today and enter the contest


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