Round 7 of Lucas Oil Off Road Series

Blue sky, slight breeze and an enthusiastic audience of local Utah race fans new to Short Course racing as today history was made when Lucas Oil Off Road Series debuted racing in Tooele, UT just outside of Salt Lake City.

Attendance was relatively good with the grandstands appeared to be filled. We didn’t get an exact attendance count but officials seemed to be pleased.

PRO4 > The race started civilized until the last turn on the first lap when some trucks got caught up with Cenni among others spinning out and changing the running order and putting Carl Renezeder towards the very back.

Lap after lap Rick and Carl inched towards the front position held by Rob MacCachren.

Rob defended his early lead until the mandatory yellow flag regrouped the field. Then as they went green the Rick and Carl show was under way as they took over the lead and pulled away in their own group of two.

Just when things were looking good for Carl, small puffs of white smoke came out from under his truck turning into big flames. He pulls off the track at Lap 12 and that was all for him.

Mike Johnson PRO-4 #31 in the pits geting his visibility back

What do you do when your fiberglass hood flops over the windshield area and blocks your view? Mike Johnson had that problem throughout most of the race and his solution was to push on racing. Eventually he pulled into the hot-pits and was able to finish in the Top 5.

Rick Huseman was the points leader going into this round and was able to extend his lead with yet another win adding to his racing resume. Not only that, but he also set a new track record at 1:03:89

Top5 PRO4 Results: 1. Rick Huseman 2. Rob MacCachren 3. Travis Coyne 4. Kent Brascho 5. Mike Johnson

PRO Buggy Unlimited > Top Results: 1. Jerry Welchel 2. Cameron Steele 3. Larry Job  4. Rich Ronco  5 Bobby Pecoy

Super Lite > Top 3 Results: 1.CJ Greaves  2. Dawson Kirchner 3. Jacob Person

PRO Lite > Top 5 Results: 1. Chris Brand 2. Marty Hart 3. Jimmy Stephenen 4. Jacob Person 5. Adam Wik

PRO2 > The big story here was the battle for lead between Car Renezeder, Todd LeDuc Ricky Johnson and Rodrigo Ampudia

Todd had the early lead and was able to hold it almost all the way through the first part of the race until Ricky Johnson moved to the first position after the Yellow flag re-start. that didn’t last long as Ricky without any warning pulled off the track, something obviously broke. Todd regained the lead for a while up to the moment when Rodrigo took it from him. He was patiently waiting the entire time for his opportunity.

Carl had a no bueno re-start as he rolled violently just 3 turns after the yellow flag dropped. That puts yet another road block in his season point standings.

Rodrigo was able to defend his lead through the checkered finish flag to claim first place finish in Pro2. Just before the race Rodrigo told us “I really like this track. It’s technical and totally suits my driving style”

Top 5 Results: 1. Rodrigo Ampudia 2. Todd LeDuc 3. Robert Naughton 4. Bryce Menzies 5. Greg Adler