ROUSH Off-Road Raptor SHAKEDOWN! -


The FORD Raptor is undoubtably the king of off-road truck production vehicles. It’s the only truck to have a complete platform for and off-road application. Is it a trophy truck or full blown pre-runner? No, but for under 60k it’s pretty damn good. You can up-fit your Raptor now with a huge variety of accessories, suspension, and cosmetics but the folks over at ROUSH took it to a whole new level adding the most essential ingredient we all want…horsepower! They took FORD’s already robust 6.2 liter engine and supercharged it adding 179hp and 156 lb-ft of torque over the factory engine! But wait there’s more! The package comes with custom graphics, head rest covers, a rear exit exhaust package, and a 3yr / 36,000 mi full powertrain warranty from Roush. You can complete the off-road package by adding ADD bumpers, rock sliders, light rack and Rigid light package. Now you are ready to rock!

MSRP on that Raptor is $56,000.00

Add the ROUSH kit and you’re at $70,000.00

Add the ADD bumpers, rock sliders, light rack and Rigid lights and you’re at $85,000.00

We wanted to see what this ROUSH Off-Road Raptor was all about ourselves. So we called our good friend and Formula D competitor Justin Pawlek and took him out to Barstow, CA to put this beast though the ringer! After all horsepower and suspension = Fun! We climbed rocks, charged whoops, rallied roads, and blasted though sandy corners to see how well this Raptor would perform. Check out the photos and video from our ROUSH Off-Road Raptor SHAKEDOWN and judge for yourself!

590 HP and 590 lbs of torque
Roush Off Road Rear Exit Exhaust
Vent pod boost gauge
Roush Off Road Side Bed Graphics
Roush Square R Badges on the doors and tailgate
Roush Windshield Banner
Roush Off Road Headrest Covers
Roush Production Badge under the hood.


  1. What a joke. A freakin for Ford Taurus could handle everything shown in this video. You need to throw in a few more slow motion slides into the video lmao! But then again, the market for this over priced POS is poser yuppies that will never see a dirt. So off road performance is not a factor here.

  2. My guess is you guys are Chevy lovers or even worse dodge lovers! Neither company has come up with anything even close to the raptor. No reason to be jealous of a kickass truck that will outperform any other truck out there as a stock vehicle. I’m sure if you call the government they will be more than Happy to send more money to one of these companies to insure an electric truck that runs off solar panels and gets 75 miles on a single charge. I’ll be sure to send a roost of mud your way when your waiting for your batteries to recharge on a rainy day. Haha

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