R&R- Next Project & Off Road Expo

Racers and Ranchers will be conducting a road grading project in the next
few weeks. As of today the exact date is undetermined. We will be using
membership funds to pay for the grading that is necessary to keep an very
important access route open on the north side of the Sierra Juarez.

Two miles East of Rancho El Compadre there are 3 ranch owners that have
been very upset for some time now. This very popular access trail leads
East from Rancho El Compadre into the central Sierra Juarez. This road
is heavily used by motos and ATV’s and causing the access road to become
very whooped out for normal vehicle access. It has been about a year
now since we first talked to the ranch workers and subsequently the
owners. There has been signs posted and several reports of off-roader
groups turned back and denied passage eastward from the ranch. Two
different Caterpillar type graders where identified with the help of R&R
members. The cost of operating the graders is about $60 per hour. R&R
will schedule the grading and pay for the work to happen ASAP.

Here is a link to the signs and the initial report dating October ’08:


OFF ROAD EXPO- October 9th – 11th.:

Racers and Ranchers will have a booth at the upcoming Off Road Expo in
Pomona, CA. This is an exciting 3 day show full of exhibits, the latest
and greatest in off road and fabulous shows.

We are seeking member volunteers to assist Rudy and Lance in manning the
booth on Saturday and Sunday. Your entry and lunch will be porvided.
Please email [email protected] or call 310/920-8550 if you can

Thank you for your support.

Racers and Ranchers