San Vicente Racing beat the heat and the field at the RECORD Ensenada – San Felipe 250

The 11th edition of the RECORD Ensenada-San Felipe 250 this past weekend was once again an elite event among local racers and fans.  This year,  the race started later in the afternoon to reduce the possibility of injuries due to the intense summer temperatures.  Race officials, led by Ramón Castro, made the correct decision, as temperatures on race day soared near 100 degrees.

The intense heat added another factor to deal with for the +200 entries who entered the 185-mile point-to-point track. Starting in Ensenada and finishing in San Felipe, the teams had also to deal racing at night, especially the limited classes.

Rick Sanchez was the fastest on Saturday, finishing in under four hours with a time of 3:39:46 beating all elements that make this race one of our favorites.  Lyle Bask and Armando Bravo made the overall top 3 and the podium for the Open Class.

In RECORD, you can expect to see great fights in all classes but there’s a few specially where fans know the action will be the best –  Class 7sx. This Class is one of the favorites among local drivers of Ensenada.  The best drivers of the class are from there and almost 20 entries took the green flag.  With a final time of 4:25:41, Evaristo Gutierrez Jr took the win with a comfortable gap of seventeen minutes on second place finisher Jorge Martinez, who finished with a time of 4:42:26.  Third place went to Miguel Sandoval on board of his TCM Motorsports truck called “Piolín” (Tweety Bird in spanish), finishing just five minutes after Martinez.

In the Legendary Class11, the second biggest category of the race, Jose Manuel Bojorquez saw the checkered flag first and took the first spot at the podium.  However with a 2nd place, Adrian Navarro won precious points towards an overall points championship and sits first in point for now.   In third place, Victor Celaya took the final spot on the podium. Worth mentioning was the fourth largest class of the race was the UTV class beating popular fields like Class 16, 5/1600 and Class 12.  It seems UTV’s are finally entering the Baja market.

Official results can be found HERE.

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  • June 27, 2017
So how does everyone feel about passing on the highway in speed zones????