Satellite Phone Store To Host Live Streaming at BAJA RALLY 2018 -

Satellite Phone Store To Host Live Streaming at BAJA RALLY 2018

Satellite Phone Store Partners with BAJA RALLY
Satellite Phone Store Partners with BAJA RALLY

*Will Host Live Streaming Coverage of 2018 Edition October 8-13
*Offers Competitor Package to Comply with Sat Phone Rule
*Multi-year Deal Combines Satellite Technology With Live

ENSENADA, BAJA CA, MEXICO-Not just sat phones anymore, the world’s largest volume satellite phone and equipment rental company Satellite Phone Storerevealed today that BAJA RALLY, now in its sixth year of operations, has been added to a growing list of international motorsports and maritime competitions SPS supports with a full suite of satellite communications hardware and infrastructure.

In addition to fortifying BAJA RALLY’s proprietary safety and communications architecture developed by PCI Race Radios and Rally Comp, Satellite Phone Store will deploy a production and broadcast team to produce and stream live coverage of the competitive stages that will commence Tuesday October 9 from the Las Cañadas Campground 10 miles south of Ensenada. In successive stages, the SPS team will move through the general route to Cataviña and then up the gulf coast to San Felipe before returning home to Ensenada on Saturday October 13.

In recent years, SPS’s Eric Talman has parlayed his company’s success in rentals by expanding into live event coverage and video & drone content production for many of the competitions it already supports. Stemming out of a lifelong passion for photography and tinkering with technology, Talman has developed a fleet of high performance drones, 4K cameras, antennas and switches to provide a spectator experience that is scalable and targeted to fan bases globally.

“It really started as more of a hobby of mine to test some of our satellite technologies and integrate them with drones, photography and production”, explains Talman, “With a little experience and some trial and error, we’ve evolved our capabilities to produce and broadcast events. We’re a young and growing production company and Baja is our Superbowl, the worlds best proving grounds for our core business. Joining BAJA RALLY gives us the full leeway to produce and host a live spectator experience with the goal of attracting world-class athletes and sponsors who demand wide reach and global impressions”

Satellite Phone Store’s Eric Talman

BAJA RALLY’s Director of Communications Eric Robataille said the long term initiative with SPS fortifies the rally’s existing terrestrial radio infrastructure supported by PCI Race Radios. His main objective is to have full coverage of terrestrial and satellite to monitor competitors and control safety resources.

“The PCI family helped build our BAJA RALLY comms system along with GlobalStarand SPOT to a level where we have saved injured and distressed competitors and extracting victims from remote areas” explains Robitaille, “Now with Satellite Phone Store entering the equation with ‘push-to-talk’ calling groups, we will have 100% communications coverage during the live stages where we previously had to deal with 10-15% “blackouts” due to topographic barriers and re-fueling the PCI equipped Cesena Rally Air unit and pilot Doug Cook”.

Somewhat subtly, the BAJA RALLY has built the foundation for a signature rally event to proliferate from Mexico and compliment a small handful of “rally-type” stage events such as the Sonora Rally and Rally Coast to Coast on Mainland Mexico. With the core goal of 100% communication coverage achieved for BAJA RALLY 2018, Talman’s SPS production unit is ready for the next step to combine these technologies to reach and attract fans, higher profile athletes and corporate sponsors.

BAJA RALLY chairman, Scotty “Breauxman” Bloom expressed his enthusiasm and gratitude for the growing list of people and companies who have contributed rather selflessly to his pet project that he now refers to as his true calling and life’s work. He stressed the benefits of working with well-intended people sharing the goal of overall safety in potentially perilous situations.

“When you pay attention and observe people in action, intentions reveal themselves. From the onset, Scott Steinberger’s PCI team pitched in to help BAJA RALLY replicate their “Weatherman” system on a smaller scale and asking little in return”, Bloom explained, “As we’ve leveraged the generous support from SPOT, TrackLeaders, Baja Bush Pilots, ICON Helicopters and Symons Ambulance, our team has logged a 5-year safety record we intend to maintain. I know that Eric Talman and the SPS family share our values for human safety over all other matters because their intentions materialize through their actions. With the safety component now covered, BAJA RALLY opens the door to SPS to produce a live show that they want to produce. We are giving this team the leeway everyone needs to reach our goal of growing rallysport and our signature event”

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