Schaeffler: Proven partnership with innovative power

Schaeffler: around 74,000 employees at about 180 locations worldwide, 16,000 patents. An engineering enterprise that is one of the major driving forces when innovation, sustainability and quality are required. A huge company that stands for responsible progress. German headquarters in Herzogenaurach. One of the largest trainers of young, skilled personnel in northern Bavaria.And what does this all have to do with Armin Schwarz, with our Trophy Truck and our involvement in the USA? A great deal actually. Schaeffler is my most loyal and oldest partner in motorsport. In 1983 when I was still thrashing a Fiat 131, Dr. Georg Schaeffler was already lending me support. He has always had a sympathetic ear for the needs of a local rally man. Later, the Schaeffler company was alongside as a sponsor when I won the Mitropa Cup, became German champion twice and made the switch to the WRC with Audi as well as Toyota. And Schaeffler stuck with me when my rallying escapades didn’t run so well.  This partnership has always kept me grounded as a sportsman and still does today.

Armin Schwarz, first big success, winner of the Rally Mitropa Cup 1986 in the INA Audi 80 Quattro

Armin Schwarz with the INA/ LUK Audi Quattro Coupe 1987 first time German Rally Champion


Now Schaeffler is back as our partner. The SCORE race series in the USA allows huge technical freedom – it’s a wonderful testing ground for a company that is future oriented. And the extreme desert races offer incomparably gruelling test conditions for innovative technical solutions. Initially, Schaeffler will adapt components for our gearbox, clutch, wheel bearings, steering and all friction type bearings. Bearings in particular come under incredible stresses, withstanding hour upon hour of the toughest terrain, through heat and wet. We’ll already be using some of the new components and parts at the SCORE Baja 500 from 1 to 3 June. There is not a great deal of time for development, production and testing. So it suits us perfectly that the engineers at Schaeffler regard the incredibly tight timeframe as a sporting challenge.

new Era 2012, the AGM Schaeffler Trophy Truck with Armin Schwarz and his long time navigator Bryan Little


Another important topic: Congratulations to Eibach USA on its 25th anniversary! In 2011, Eibach in Germany celebrated its 60th year of being in business. Now, 2012 marks a quarter of a century for Eibach USA. I want to sincerely thank all the employees in Corona. It’s incredible fun to ride offroad with your springs. We’re often testing our new Trophy Truck. Every test yields new information – and often results in requests for adapted parts. Eibach USA has always kept a finger on the pulse and produces new springs, anti roll bars and suspension parts at lightning speed.

It’s easy to travel at the limit with such partners alongside!

As soon as I have any further news I’ll be back to tell you about it.
Until then, best regards, Armin