Scorching heat doesn’t doesn’t slow down Huseman and MacCachren

Pro4 – the true highlight of the day, the Pro4 race delivered the best
action of the day at Speedworld for Round 12 of the Lucas Oil Off-Road
Racing Series. Kyle Leduc led for most of the race with Huseman,
Renezeder and Johnson stalking him lap after lap. There were a couple
of full course cautions that slowed down the field, especially when
Cenni’s vehicle caught fire. After the restart Huseman really put the
pressure on Kyle, and Kyle made a mistake in turn 7 that allowed
Huseman, Renezeder and Johnson by him. With Huseman in the lead, Carl
and Mike were battling it out for second place. Unfortunately,
Johnson flipped in turn 4 and Carl got caught in the mayhem, allowing
Kyle and Travis Coyne by in the final lap. Huseman cruised to the win
and gets himself one step closer to the overall points title.

1. Huseman
2. Kyle Leduc
3. Coyne

ProLite – Once again Marty Hart ran away with the race, only to have
mechanical difficulties cost him the win. Hart was cruising to
victory, until his power steering went out on the final lap. Deegan
and Brandt took advantage of the situation while Marty managed to hold
on for third place

1. Deegan
2. Brandt
3. Hart

Pro2 – This race had a number of crashes and had a couple of full
course cautions. The first was for Robby Woods, who up to that point
was in third place when his engine blew and his truck caught on fire.
The second caution occurred when Geiser in the Canidae truck flipped
multiple times off of a jump. Once the action restarted MacCachren was
unstoppable and cruised to an easy victory, he was followed by
previous days winner Renezeder and Bryce Menzies.

1. MacCachren
2. Renezeder
3. Menzies

Photos by HighRev Photography