SCORE Baja 1000 Video Clip Roundup –

SCORE Baja 1000 Video Clip Roundup


One aspect of racing in Baja that makes it so great are the fans that come in groves to sit along the course to watch their favorite racers battle the elements. 10 years ago you had to wait for a TV show or an offroad DVD to come out before you were able to see any footage from the races, but now with todays technology anyone with a smartphone or a GoPro can film the action and bring it to the masses. We’ve searched the internet for some clips posted on facebook and youtube from both spectators and teams and put them all in one place for you. From clips of Robby Gordon and Bryce Menzies battling it out, 1x putting a high speed pass on 4x and more. Know of a good video clip? Post a link in the comments here!

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