Monster Energy Off-Road Team SCORE San Felipe 250 Extended Photo Gallery!

No other team in off-road has as many vehicles as the Monster Energy Off-Road Team.  The roster for The SCORE San Felipe 250 included; Cameron Steele, Heidi Steele, Tim and Troy Herbst, “Ballistic” BJ Baldwin, and Jeff “Ox” Kargola representing the team on two wheels.  The San Felipe 250 is the roughest course south of the border, it will unrelentingly chew you up and spit you out.  Less than half the vehicles that start will make it past race mile 50 because of the brutal terrain.  Some fared better than others.  Heidi Steele managed to fight her way through the field and the dust to win her class in an impressive display of disciplined driving.  FMX convert Jeff “Ox” Kargola firmly proved that he and his teammate Colton Udall are going to be a podium contender on two wheels at every race.  Here is a look at an extended gallery of The Monster Energy Off-Road Team at the SCORE San Felipe 250.
Photos by Vincent Knakal of Mad Media
Nice Shots Vince!
Gosh Damn, Vinny KILLED it!!!! damn
The Herbst TT bouncing down the course is the best. It looks unreal.

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  • March 17, 2011
Thanks for the love RDC, Mad Media, Josh and of course Monster! Braaappp

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